Footprints of one of the most famous dinosaurs were discovered in Scotland: Stegosaurus

Footprints of one of the most famous dinosaurs were discovered in Scotland: Stegosaurus

Discovered a series of 170 million year old footprints in Scotland, possibly abandoned by a dinosaur Most Famous and Famous Vegetarian: Stegosaurus.

Discovered inIsle of Skye Which is located in the north west of Scotland. The exact area where these footprints were found is called Talk of brothers Or, in English, Brothers’Point. To analyze this series of hikes, dating back some 170 million years, a joint team of paleontologists and researchers from universities in Brazil and Scotland thought about it and their discovery was published in the journal. one more. It is not yet clear whether the footprints actually belong to a Stegosaurus, but what seems certain is the group of species that moved into that area millions of years ago. Deltapodus, Which also includes Stegosaurus.

When this giant dinosaur moved around this Scottish island, we should imagine that the climate was completely different because both Scotland and England Millions of years ago Not only were they very different from now, but they were also in a completely different place – a lot farther south than today. The climate in them, now cold, had to be regions Sub Tropical And those ecosystems They were happy with life, With so many different species, because those lands were closer to the equator than they are now. Scotland and England were, in fact, on the same level as modern Greece.

The sea and mainland were much warmer and many species than today Dinosaurs lived A little in heaven. This, of course, is only a first step for paleontologists behind the discovery, and further study is required to better understand who these footprints belong to.

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