France and Scotland smile after first round

France and Scotland smile after first round

It cannot be said that the first round of 6 Nations 2021 was no surprise. Too bad that the only confirmation came from Italy, unable to dispel a prophecy that wanted it to lose in the Garibaldi Cup.

If we look at what happened in other areas, we have to recognize that the tournament started under the best auspicious competition and entertainment.

England has yet to recover from the slaps of Hogg and his comrades. Eddie Jones, not at all with his people when they have to be reprimanded, takes full responsibility for the defeat: “We did not really play the best of England and Scotland. I congratulate him and look forward to the next game against Italy.

Reducing oneself to Twenikam next Saturday will certainly not relieve the English people from a blow against the Highlanders. It has not been more than 30 years that the Scots have passed into English territory. They did so just after Brexit, which they apparently did not want to involve. Who knows if this gave him an extra boost.

Of course, things cannot be worse for us. Jones has already announced that he will recover some certainties, such as the first starting line. They immediately want to forget people and Italy becomes a risk mitigating partner (as they did against France on Saturday).

The second surprise of this first round occurred on Sunday. Less striking than Scottish success, but certainly unpredictable by bookies. Peewak’s Wales managed to reduce Ireland from 14 men after less than 15 to a foul by O’Mahony, in a crisis of results so far.

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The beauty of the game is that Wales had played better, until the red card. Then, slowly, Irish pride emerges which first recovers and then overtakes the dragons. In the third quarter of the game, fatigue is felt especially for Farrell’s men who undergo Welsh recovery.

It culminates in Cardio Palm and we still don’t explain how it could be that Burns threw out, leading to a two-minute recovery, with Ireland giving the idea of ​​being able to at least draw .

Beyond technical considerations, there remains a sense that Ireland ultimately maintains a firmness that is unique in some ways. Even with one less man, he was at par with Wales, who still have not emerged from the crisis.

However, the result at hand, the landscape of this six nations has certainly changed and France seems to us to be the team that can legally smile at the time.

For the Italian national team, after yesterday’s day of reflection, we are back on the pitch to prepare for the next challenge, which is getting harder than ever despite what has just been written. Almost prohibitive.

The departure for London, which will involve 27 players, is scheduled for Friday morning while the game returns to Rome on Saturday evening. The players and staff will return to their offices on Sunday morning and meet in Rome on Thursday 18 February to prepare for the match against Ireland on 27 February. (Je)

This is a list of players called

Danilo Fischetti (Zebre Rugby Club, 9 caps) *
Andrea Lavotti (Zebre Rugby Club, 43 caps) *
Marco RICCIONI (Benetton Rugby, 8 Cap) *
Daniel Rimpelli (Zebre Rugby Club, 1 cap) *
Cherry Train ‘(Benetton Rugby, 10 caps) *
Giosu Zilcocchi (Zibre Rugby Club, 11 caps) *

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Luka Big (Zebre Rugby Club, 33 caps) – Captain
Gianmarco Lucci (Benetton Rugby, 3 Cap) *
Marco MANFREDI (Zebra Rugby Club, Newcomer) *

Other lines
Niccolo Cannon (Benetton Rugby, 9 Cap) *
Ricardo Favretto (Moglinio Rugby 1969, newcomer)
Marco LAZZARONI (Benetton Rugby, 12 Cap) *
David SISI (Zebre Rugby Club, 12 caps)

Third lines
Mitchell Lamaro (Benetton Rugby, 3 Cap) *
Maxime MBANDA ‘(Zebre Rugby Club, 26 caps) *
Johann Meyer (Zebre Rugby Club, 10 caps)
Sebastian NeGRI (Benetton Rugby, 29 caps)
Federico RUZA (Benetton Rugby, 20 caps) *

Callum Brealey (Benetton Rugby, 9 caps)
Guglielmo Palazzani (Zebre Rugby Club, 42 caps)
Stephen Varney (Gloster Rugby, 4 caps)

Opening intermediary
Tommaso Allen (Benetton Rugby, 60 caps)
Carlo CANNA (Zebre Rugby Club, 48 caps)
Paolo Garbisi (Benetton Rugby, 6 caps) *

Center / Wings / Finest
Matia Bellini (Zebre Rugby Club, 28 caps)
Juan Ignacio Brakes (Benetton Rugby, 1 cap)
Pierre Bruno (Zebre Rugby Club, newcomer)
Montana IOANE (Benetton Rugby, 2 caps)
Federico Mori (Kawasaki Robot Calvisano, 5 Cap) *
Luca Spandario (Benetton Rugby, 9 Cap) *
Jacopo Trula (Kawasaki Robot Calvisano, 4 caps) *
* FIR Academy member Ivan Francescato


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