From Charles Mitchell to Scotland who wants to become an “independent European nation” … all reactions to the post-Brexit agreement

From Charles Mitchell to Scotland who wants to become an

Charles Mitchell: “There is unity of 27 and will remain necessary”

“For our citizens and our businesses, a complete agreement with our neighbor, friend and colleague is the best outcome,” European Council President Charles Mitchell wrote in a statement on Thursday. “In recent years the European Union has shown its unity and determination in negotiations with the UK. We will continue to maintain this unity,” he says.

“These negotiations were difficult but have come to an end. The Council and the European Parliament will now analyze the deal before giving its green light”, Charles Mitchell said.

Merkel says she is “convinced” it’s a “good” deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was “convinced” that the agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom on Thursday over their future trade relations was “a good outcome”.

In a brief statement, the leader said, “I am confident that we have good results here.” “With this agreement, we are laying the foundation for a new chapter in our relations. The UK will continue to be an important partner for Germany and for the EU outside the EU.”

Macron believes that “European unity and persistence have paid off”

“European unity and persistence have paid off,” Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday. “The agreement with the United Kingdom is necessary to protect our citizens, our fishermen, our producers. We will ensure this is the case”, however, warned the French president on Twitter, adding that “Europe moves forward Used to be.” And can look united, sovereign and strong for the future ”.

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The French president, who from the beginning has advocated for the maintenance of a particularly difficult line on fishing, also thanked European negotiator Michel Barnier for his “tenacity”. Emanuel Macron tweeted, “Thank you Michel Barnier for your tenure and your commitment to protecting the interests of Europeans and their unity. European solidarity has thanked you and Ursula von der Leyen.”

It is time for Scotland to become an “independent European nation”

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon (pre-independence) said on Thursday that it was time for the British province to become an “independent European nation”.

“Brexit comes against the will of the people of Scotland”, who voted 62% against leaving the EU, tweeted Nicola Sturgeon, stating that “there can never be any deal that Brexit would have taken away from us” Is “.” It’s time to chart our own future as an independent European nation, “she said, as London Scotland denies another referendum on independence.

Brexit deal reached after Ireland’s ‘welcome’

Irish Prime Minister Michel Martin on Thursday welcomed the conclusion of the trade deal after Brexit, with his foreign minister saying the withdrawal of a physical border on the island of Ireland has been avoided.

Mr Martin said, “The Brexit agreement is indeed welcome after four years of negotiations, believing that he will now focus on” our management of a good relationship in the coming years “.

Barnier: European Union “with European fishermen”

European negotiator Michel Barnier, fishermen from member states affected by the new distribution of quotas and fishing areas between the United Kingdom and the European Union following the Brexit trade agreement with Brussels, assured on Thursday.

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The agreement “provides a basis for mutual use of water and resources, with a new distribution of quotas and fishing opportunities (…) This agreement will require efforts, I know, but with the European Union Will be present “European fishermen have our commitment to support them,” he promised at a press conference.

Theresa May and David Cameron Deal ‘Really Welcome’

Former UK Prime Minister Theresa May and David Cameron, who played roles in Brexit in the United Kingdom, on Thursday welcomed a “truly welcome” trade deal between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

David Cameron tweeted the 2016 Brexit referendum, “a necessary step to build a new relationship with the European Union as friends, neighbors and partners” “truly welcome trade agreement”.

Theresa May, who had succeeded him and resigned to thwart the agreement to exit the parliament, which she negotiated with Europeans, insisted for her part that the agreement was “trust for companies. “Brought. And helped “maintain the flow of business”.

British opposition to post-Brexit deal, leader announced

The British opposition will vote for the post-Brexit agreement, announcing its leader, Keir Starr, for which it is not the agreement Boris Johnson promised. “When the deal comes to Parliament, Labor will accept it and vote for it,” Care Starr told a press conference. “We accept the agreement, but its consequences are nothing but yours and yours,” he told Boris Johnson’s government, which anyway has a very large majority in Parliament.


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