Garcia and Taylor Delayed, Wet and Wild Charlotte Rowell Race – Motorsport Week

Garcia and Taylor Delayed, Wet and Wild Charlotte Rowell Race - Motorsport Week

Antolio Garcia and Jordan Taylor have won the Mortul 100% Synthetic Grand Prix for Corvette Racing. The race on the Charlotte Motor Speedway’s Rowell course was delayed by an hour due to bad weather.

# 3 Cave C8 8. RA started the race from the pole position but lost the lead early due to a strong start in a betrayal situation by Jesse Crohn in the # 24 BMW M8 GTE. The crew took the lead and retained the lead when he handed it over to teammate John Edwards.

Edwards was then caught by Garcia in the final stages of the race and led the race and was able to catch despite a late restart due to a crash for teammate Tommy Milner in # 4K and Rvet C8R.

Crohan and John Edwards finished second in the # 24 BMW M8 GTE, while Bruno Spengler and Conor de Philippe finished third in the # 24 BMW M8 GTE.

Porsche’s terrific 2020 campaign continued with a double retirement in the early stages of the race. Both cars had an accident in which Lure Rance Ventur and Fred Makovsky both found the wall and damaged their respective cars before retiring.

GTD Turner Motorsports wins in

Bill ub Berlin and Robbie Foley led the class in the GTD in the Class # 96 Turner Motorsports BMW MG GT with, in which many of the main competitors in the race of despair got away with various problems.

Foley himself was knocked out of the second round as drivers struggled around the dark and wet Charlotte Roll as Aaron Telitz’s # 14 AIM Washer Sullivan Lexus RCF GT3 took the lead in the early stages of the race.

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Lexus lost the lead during the first round of Piststops following a troubled driver change from Telitz to Jack Hucksworth, with Mario Fernaber’s # 86 Mayor Shak Racing Akura taking the lead in the NSX GT3 Evo. The Germans then found themselves under pressure from Billub Berlin, now behind the wheel of Turner BMW and after a long battle, the PBM was able to overtake BMW racer Fernaber.

Ub Berlin remained comfortably in the lead even after Turner Motorsport finally restarted for its second win of the season. Patrick Long and Ryan Hardwick # 16 Wright Motorsports Porsche finished second in the 911 GT3R.

Fernbecker and Matt McMurray, # Ac86 was the time for a podium finish in Akura, when in the final minutes Jack Hucksworth would be tugged in the spin. Spin and subsequent penalties for Hawksworth allowed Roman De Angelis’ # 23 Heart Racing f Racing Aston Martin Vantage GT3 and Ian James to take third place on the first podium of the season.

Townsend Bell and Michael de Quesada finished fourth in the # 12 Lexus RCF GT3, finishing # 57 Henrisher Racing Akura NSX GT3 Evo with the first five in the class, Alvaro Parente and Misha Goekberg.

The GTD also saw a pair of retirees. Till Bectolsheimer and Mark Miller’s # 22 Gradient Racing Acura NSX GT3 Evo crashed in difficult conditions, while Andy Lilly and John Potter’s # 44 GRT Magnus Lamborghini’s Huracan GT3 Evo later retired with issues in the back of the car. A suspicious puncture.


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