Germal outposts Charlo Sergei Derevyanchenko

Dec 7, 2019; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Jermall Charlo (blue and red trunks) reacts after knocking out Dennis Hogan of Ireland (white trunk) in the seventh round during a middleweight world championship fight at Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Sarah Stier-USA TODAY Sports

In the first real test of his career, Jermal went with Charlo Senegi Derevianchenko to the exciting round of 12 for the exciting round at the Mohagen Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut on Saturday.

Charlo (31-0, 22 KOs) passed the test with bare marks on his face while Derevyanchenko (13-3, 10 KOs) heard the verdict look like the character of “Doom”.

All three judges won Charlow’s battle, making it 116-112, 117-111 and 118-110. Yahoo Sports faced 117-111 for Charlo.

“I made my team proud,” Charlo told Showtime’s Brian Custer. “I did what I had to do. I implemented the game plan. I passed the exam. I am happy, [and] Now go back to the drawing board and figure out what’s next.

“I knew [Derevyanchenko] Was difficult. I knew he would fight. I don’t know how or when he will try to turn it on. But I felt like I never let him turn it on. I am equipped, I am designed. I stayed behind. I wanted to knock him out and make a statement, but winning is enough of a statement. ”

Charlo, who came in as a -185 favorite over Derevianchenko (+155) on BatMMM, was able to handle many fights with the help of his immense size to control the Ukrainian challenger. Derevanchenko brought his game, but could not do much from the outside as Charlo used his picture-perfect flair to the best of his ability to reveal “The Technician”.

After Charlo and Derevanchenko had a lot of respect for each other in the first two rounds, Derevanchenko picked up speed in the third and gave a good fight, but in the last 10 seconds he caught most of the catch and went back to his corner. The shot must have woken him up as he returned to the fourth appearance, becoming noble for the first time in the fight. Derevyanchenko let go of his hand, Charlo noticed and started looking for more counter shots.

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Derevyanchenko came out in the fifth round with a significant cut under his left eye, which continued to suppress that momentum and kept Charlo walking down. Charlo, however, continued to find a home for his sneak peek, and thwarted any attempt by Derevanchenko to stay inside and land a shot at Charlo’s body. When Derevanchenko finally fired a big shot into the body in the seventh round, Charlo was stunned, then grabbed to get his dilozini. After the round, Derevanchenko’s corner begged him to stay in the body and stop head hunting.

Before the tenth round began, the referee called in time to investigate the ringside doctor cutter on Derewinchenko’s cut, which he ruled out quickly and the fight was on. Charlo kept Derevanchenko away with his dabara, and Derevanchenko kept looking for corners to get inside, but Charlo would not accept and Derevanchenko’s increasingly chattering face paid the price.

In the end, Charlo got off to a great start, while Derevanchenko’s face told a much different story than anything that came down in the ring. Derevanchenko fought bravely, but he proved once again that his best is not just title-worthy as he has shown in his three gold-losing attempts.

Speaking of Charlo, big and good fights may be in the way, but the champion will not call any opponents yet.

“There are big fights. I’m growing steadily and learning, “he said.” I’ll let my team go there, they’ll make the best decisions.

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