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Regina Elisabetta

From the day of the funeral in Windsor, Her Excellency Elizabeth She has yet to make a public speech about her late husband, Prince Philip, who died in April at the age of 99. But on Saturday 2 October, the Queen broke her silence and during her speech for the opening of the new session of Parliament in Scotland, she decided that Speak publicly about historic spouses for the first time.

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“It is often said that” It’s the people who make the place. And there are few places where this is more true than in Scotland,ā€ began the convention, Elizabeth II, 95. “I have talked about my long and deep many times” love for this wonderful country And many good memories that were spent in our time with Prince Philip and Iā€, the Sovereign said, referring to her late husband and their vacations in Balmoral.

Queen Elizabeth Scotland Photo: YouTube

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Elisabetta, flawless and so beautiful as always, wore a bottle green herringbone wool trapeze coat and a gold floral print dress by Stewart Parvin for the occasion. Her Majesty also sported a diamond brooch, with a clearly matching Rachel Trevor Morgan hat queen mary. Along with his son and future heir to the throne, Carlo and his wife Camilla, he also said the seminar cop26 next November in Glasgow. “The eyes of the world will be on the UK and Scotland as leaders from around the world come together to discuss how to tackle the challenge of climate change,” he said.

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Queen Elizabeth Scotland: many memories with Prince Philip

His Majesty had not yet addressed the issue of the disappearance of his beloved Filippo during his institutional appointments. One of his few tributes last April 17, hours after the prince’s funeral. Queen Elizabeth actually celebrated her late husband by sharing a lovely private photo of the couple on the social network, which was taken at the top of the Coales of Mueck in Scotland in 2003. Elizabeth then talked about the Duke of Edinburgh on social media and in official press releases In the past few months, but never during a face-to-face incident.

Carlo and Camilla
Prince Charles and Camilla Scotland Photo: YouTube


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