Government bans all cruises until further notice!

Le gouvernement écossais a informé que l

If the area where Greenock is located is currently at level 1, unfortunately in the rest of the country, the number of cases is increasing.

The coronavirus pandemic shows 1,011 new cases, 316 more than the previous day. This sudden increase is specifically explained by the spread of the delta (Indian) variant.

The combination of the risks associated with both cruises and the context of travel in general and the uncertainties associated with the current trajectory of the COVID-19 transition and the new delta variant,According to a government spokesperson, this explains the ban.

Also, at the same time, we learn that cases of coronavirus have been detected on a cruise ship. Royal Caribbean Company has just announced in a press release that two individuals tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday at Celebrity Millennium.

Based in North America, the liner which, however, only carries on board vaccinated passengers who have submitted a negative test in less than 72 hours, currently carries 600 passengers and 650 crew members.

Two asymptomatic people were kept in solitary confinement and are still being monitored by medical teams.

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