Grade! Austria’s personal criticism against Scotland in World Cup qualification – Soccer – FB National Team

  Grade!  Austria's personal criticism against Scotland in World Cup qualification - Soccer - FB National Team

Austria has slipped into bankruptcy next in World Cup qualification.

FB-Elf lost 0:1 against the defensively strong Scots on the sixth match day of Group F (Match Report >>>) and thus missed the last chance to qualify directly for the World Cup final.

Franco Foda’s team disappointed particularly aggressively against the British across the board, with only a few players coming close to living up to their quality this evening.

LAOLA1 Analyzes the performance of all FB actors and distributes grades (1 = very good, 2 = good, 3 = satisfactory, 4 = adequate, 5 = insufficient).

These are the grades for FB Kicker:

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Daniel Bachman (Watford/9 International), 90 min, Grade: 3

At least someone can blame him this evening. A few minutes later, Bachmann captured the void with a strong save against Dykes, and he was nearly on the Scotsman’s penalty. He allowed Austria to stage the Open final in the 68th minute after passing a well against O’Donnell. His mistake, when he struck the lawn brilliantly in the 60th minute, was not punished.

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Christopher Trimmel (Union Berlin / 16/0), 90 min, Grade: 3

Against Scotland, the Union Berlin Legionnaire was seeded over Philippe Mwene, but proved only to a limited extent that he could be a serious substitute for Stefan Lenner. Trimmel had little to do defensively, but he did his job with great commitment and dueling power. On the offensive, however, he could not set the tone against the strong Scottish side around Kieran Tierney and Andrew Robertson.

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Alexander Dragovic (Red Star Belgrade/96/2), 90 min, yellow, grade: 4

The 30-year-old had a big problem getting an uncomfortable Che Adams under control, with Dragovic repeatedly escaping the fast Southampton striker. In the end, Red Star Legionnaires was lucky not to penalize the loss of the ball after an unsuccessful advance, as Bachmann later had a leg against O’Donnell. In stoppage time, the veteran took to the yellow to criticize the referee.

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Martin Hinterager (Eintracht Frankfurt/62/4), 90 min, yellow, grade: 5

Now a completely failed birthday for the 29-year-old! For an exceedingly difficult attack, Carinthian saw the yellow in the half, which could have turned into a traffic light card if referee Kabakov remained tough against Adams in an unnecessary penalty foul in wrestling fashion. Hintergeger did not see himself as a punishment worthy of punishment, but that opinion was typical of one or two TV experts. After switching sides, Eintracht Legionnaire almost took the penalty himself, but Hanley’s foul occurred moments earlier. In the end, Hintergeger’s blackout proved to be the deciding factor.

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David Alaba (Real Madrid / 88/14), 90 min, Note: 4

The effort of the FB captain today cannot be denied. The real star swung up and down the left wing and flank which were harmless at all. The problem with this was that long balls were easy prey for a long Scottish defensive team, and Alaba’s hardly any cross could find its way to a teammate. Shortly before the end a heavily worn corner reached its target. It’s a shame the Baumgartner Alaba’s pointy part couldn’t go over the line.

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Florian Grillitsch (TSG Hoffenheim/29/1), 90 mins, Grade: 5

The surprise was great when Grylitsch appeared in the OFB’s starting XI against Scotland. A television insert on Saturday incorrectly described Lower Austrian as yellow-banned for Scotland’s game. Anyway a lock doesn’t make much difference. The 26-year-old acted so invisibly on Tuesday, he couldn’t play his role as an alleged game designer at all. In recent times he has shown how important he can be.

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Stefan Ilsankar (Eintracht Frankfurt / 56/0), 56th minute, Grade: 5

The day used up perfectly for Salzburg against Scotland. The 32-year-old played his first game after a 4-0 loss against Denmark as his physical strength spoke for him. Although Ilsanker could hardly do anything against the Scots, he was hardly involved in the making of the game, despite much effort. He was sacrificed for striker Gregorish shortly after the break. He could not hide his anger about the replacement immediately after the game or during the ORF interview.

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KONRAD LAIMER (RB LEIPZIG/16/1), up to 88th minute, Grade: 3

As in Euros against the Italians and Ukrainians, Laimer started on the right wing and was able to drive the FB game into a strong early stage and bring the momentum with victory on the ball. After switching sides, the 24-year-old transferred to HQ and tried his hand at being a playwright, who doesn’t really fit the profile of the stifling monster. After 88 minutes and several empty kilometres, the limer was replaced.

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Louis Schaub (1st FC Cologne / 25/6), 77th minute, Grade: 5

The idea behind Cologne Legionnaire’s nomination for the starting line-up was clear: Schaub should have slashed holes in the deep Scottish defensive through his technique and agility, as he did against Moldova. However, the 26-year-old barely got into dribbling, especially in the first half of the ten, he did not appear at all. In the second half, Schaub moved to the right wing but could hardly set any accent there too.

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Christoph Baumgartner (TSG Hoffenheim/17/5), 90 mins, Grade: 3

Against Scotland, the Lower Austrian Blues were one of the few bright spots in OFB attendance. Due to his lively style of play, the Scots were most likely to cause problems for him that evening, and Hoffenheim Legionnaire’s dribbles resulted in repeated space gains. For example in minute 16, when Baumgartner Hendry danced and barely blew the far corner. It is bitter that the 22-year-old lost his header in the 79th minute. Had he beheaded a little more purposefully, Austria would have at least been out of the draw. There could have been a penalty after O’Donnell tested an elbow against Baumgartner shortly before the break.

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Marko Arnutovic (FC Bologna/94/28), 90 min, grade: 5

That evening the Bologna general did not understand anything. Against the physically present Scots, Arnautovic hung completely in the air with several high balls, this time against Israel not even a stroke of brilliance was seen. The Viennese looked extremely disappointed and was lucky that referee Kabakov ignored a test of a bad shoulder in the face of Scottish young Gilmour. A real opportunity just missed out of the gate.

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Michael Gregoritsch (FC Augsburg/31/5), from the 56th minute, grade: 5

The tall Styrian was a response to several high balls from Franco Foda which Austria hit repeatedly in the penalty area unsuccessfully. However, Gregorish could do nothing against the Scottish giants, played a horribly bad pass to Alaba, who was a few meters away, and again did not attend the OFB game at all.

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Andreas Ulmer (Red Bull Salzburg/28/0), from the 77th minute, note: used too short

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Yusuf Demir (FC Barcelona / 3/0), from the 77th minute, note: used too short

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Erkan Kara (fast / 4/0), from the 88th minute, note: too short inserted

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