Grand Tour “Scotland Special”: We all know

Grand Tour

Following A Massive Hunt, we’ll see Clarkson, May and Hammond roaming 3 American classics in Scotland. Here is everything we know.

Despite its relatively recent release “Hunting on a large scale“, Special of Grand tour set in Madagascar, We are already talking and there are some rumors about the next special, Scotland special, Which is named in Scotland. All three conductors, Jeremy clarkson, Richard Hammond I In james, They were Seen while filming last october Mountainous terrain And in Outer Hebrides Islands.

Special set filming in Scotland They ended, And fans are wondering when they will be able to watch the highly anticipated new episode of the Lucky franchise Amazon prime video. This was answered by Jeremy Clarkson, who revealed This may take some time. Specifically, in November, he said the Assembly would take Three months work, Plus has the option to add subtitles for extra time, in many languages, as seen in the format worldwide.

He and his colleagues, Hammond I May, Driving through the area in classic American cars, were spotted while filming in the Highlands. In particular, May drove one Cadillac rosa, Hammond A. Buick Verde E Clarkson A Lincoln blue.

We also know that at the beginning of their journey, those who left Edinburgh, with pictures of them, with their cars, rode a ferry Answer, Where the path to this new episode ends. After rumors surfaced, the trio created a stir in the Outer Hebrides. Allegedly after the party In his residence in Benbula, which is of course prohibited due to Kovid restrictions.

Therefore, no date has been announced for the release of The Grand Tour – Scotland Special, although it is expected that it will hit the platform by the end of the year. Clarkson himself hopes to be able to make a second special record in 2021 Continue the long Scottish adventure. In fact, he says he is confident about being able to record a second episode, to release two in 2021.

In the meantime, however, we still have to enjoy it Hunting on a large scale And previous episodes.

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