Highland Games turns Trebesens Park into Little Scotland

Highland Games turns Trebesens Park into Little Scotland

The International Highland Games in Trebsen celebrates a spectacular return after the mandatory coronavirus break. It was all about Scotland, even the weather favored…

Hebs. “We’re back!” With this fact on the main stage, Uwe Schimmel, longtime chief organizer and founding father of the Highland Games in Trebsen, earned thunderous applause. Because with this he spoke deeply from the heart of all the volunteers in front and behind the scenes as well as all the volunteers in the arena and on the forums. And visitors, too, honored the risky commitment as organizer of the Friends of the Trebsen estate.

Already on Friday evening the public came together and joyfully to celebrate the “clan calling” in the introductory evening “Come together and be happy”. No, not because admission was free. Beucha’s Peter Blow said, “The producers showed great courage to get these Scottish games off the field in these turbulent times and they deserve success.” What’s more, after a two-year coronavirus-related pause, “an attitude towards life was missing,” said Andreas Mirisch, known to many as the moderator of visitor competitions. For him, this year was not a new beginning, but “a continuation of a good and cherished tradition”, Mirish said and prepared a special applause with enthusiasm. “The Highland Games in Trebsen are more Scottish than in Scotland”.

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