How Do I Become a Salesforce Certified Administrator?

Everyone knows how Salesforce creates buzz in the industries. Small companies to large enterprises implement Salesforce to achieve customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities like never before. They wish to hire Salesforce specialists at higher pay packages to streamline their processes remarkably. Consequently, more opportunities in Salesforce have emerged for people having a knack for the technology over the years. 

Another fascinating trend that grabs attention is employers seeking relevant certificates from Salesforce administrator applicants. Yes, you’ve heard it right! Top-notch companies prefer certified Salesforce applicants to join their organization. Now, you can estimate the importance of gaining an appropriate certification before interviewing with leading recruiters. Hey! Are you thinking of how to get certified as a Salesforce administrator? You’ve hopped to the best resource if that’s the case!

Honestly, preparing for Salesforce certification is easy and quick, provided you can devote your entire focus and consistency. Furthermore, you can speed up Salesforce exam preparation by enrolling in Salesforce admin certification training. Now, let’s dive into the article and check out the exact steps you need to cover to become a certified admin. 

What is Salesforce Administrator Certification?

Salesforce welcomes students who wish to learn and gain hands-on experience with their technology. Surprisingly, they reward deserving candidates with industry-recognized certificates to showcase their skills on their resumes. Salesforce offers a gamut of certification exams having different agendas and syllabuses – Salesforce architects, administrators, and developers, to name a few.

Among all exams, the Salesforce Administrator certification exam holds a prestigious role in the industry. It’s probably due to the certification exam’s diverse nature. You can reach different companies and bag lucrative job opportunities worldwide by having a Salesforce administrator certificate in your CV. 

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But what is Salesforce administrator certification? Well, it’s an exam that prepares the candidates for configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting errors in a Salesforce ecosystem in an enterprise. The versatility in the role encourages more candidates to take the exam and compels more employers to hire certified professionals in their workplace.

What are the Certified Salesforce Admin Skills?

Now that you understand Salesforce administrator certification, it’s time to get a glimpse of the skills required to crack the exams. Here is a comprehensive list of desired skills.

  • You must possess excellent communication skills to make your way in an organization while fetching more customers.
  • As a Salesforce admin, you should excel at creating interactive dashboards and generating insightful reports.
  • Also, it would help if you framed workflow rules to streamline the Salesforce process in your company.
  • You should be an innovative person having open-minded thoughts when working on the Salesforce platform.
  • The candidate should have an in-depth understanding of data analysis and security on the Salesforce platform
  • Besides, you also require becoming a team player to don the role of a Salesforce administrator
  • You should carry leadership skills to guide a team in your organization if the need arises

What are the Prerequisites to Becoming a Salesforce Administrator?

The Salesforce administrator certification has no prerequisites as such. However, you must prepare your mind before taking the exam and pursuing your career as a Salesforce admin. Ask the below questions to yourself well ahead of preparing for the certification exam.

  • Can you roll your sleeves up?

Becoming a certified Salesforce administrator requires extensive preparations and hard work. Are you ready to deal with exam pressure? Wait until you get an excited “yes” from your inner self.

  • Can you invest in yourself?
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You can achieve Salesforce certification only when you are willing to invest in yourself – time, resources, and money. Drop the idea if your mind speaks a no!

  • Can you deal with real-life situations?

You will come across several real-life challenges in your career as a Salesforce administrator. So, prepare yourself to accept the challenges before choosing Salesforce administrator as your career.

  • Can you grow your knowledge?

Achieving a Salesforce administrator certification is not everything. It would help if you wished to prepare for next-level exams and maintain your knowledge in the domain. So, ask yourself if you can keep yourself up-to-date with Salesforce concepts.

These questions are worth a million dollars. Never risk overlooking these prerequisites while you think of getting a Salesforce administrator certification. Furthermore, you must also ponder whether Salesforce admin is the certification that you seek. You are all set to follow the below steps once getting 100% assured of the above questions.

Steps to Become a Salesforce Certified Administrator

Passing the Salesforce administrator certification is a cakewalk if you begin in the right direction. You need to follow some steps to score well in the Salesforce exam and unlock your certificate. Here are the steps for you.

  1. Plan Your Training Roadmap

Do you wish to self-prepare or access a Salesforce training session? That’s an essential question to launch your Salesforce preparation. As the syllabus is vast, things might get a bit scary if you choose to prepare alone. So, you can find a suitable Salesforce administrator certification course online and prepare well to take the prestigious exam.

  1. Utilize All Resources Available Online
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Here’s a bonus tip for you! You can find numerous materials on the Internet to assist you in the Salesforce admin preparation journey. Believe it or not, these resources are gold mines! Your examination success depends on how well you can utilize the materials and get started with your Salesforce administrator certification preparations.

  1. Exam Time!

Covering the syllabus and gaining some platform experience might require around 6-12 months of preparation. You can register with Salesforce, submit your details, and schedule an exam once you feel confident in your practice.

So, these were the steps required to begin preparation, take the exam, and become a certified Salesforce administrator. Although taking the exam is a crucial step in your endeavor, choosing the suitable mode of preparation and optimizing your resource utilization is essential to guarantee exam success. Don’t wait anymore! Choose your learning pathway, build your skill sets, take the exam, and emerge triumphant in your journey. Good luck!


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