In Scotland, Glenmorangi inaugurated a fully transparent extension

In Scotland, Glenmorangi inaugurated a fully transparent extension

Glenmorangie Distillery, Founded in 1843, in the Chest of the French Luxury Giant LVMH Since 2005, takes on a facelift. Located in Tann (United Kingdom) in the Highlands region, it is famous for its stills, the highest (5.14 m) in Scotland and for its wide range of whiskies. Adjacent to the original stone building, a 20-metre-high tower, all in glass, was inaugurated last October. An architectural choice that doesn’t stand a chance: The Lighthouse is a new building dedicated to innovation. “We will be able to play with small changes and big changes with the key ingredients of the whiskey that have yet to be discovered”, says Creative Director Bill Lumsden.

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There are two copper statues in the main building. “The taller the giraffes, the more room they leave for flavor and aroma. But these new stills have undergone many modifications, allowing all kinds of innovations”, Specify Glenmorangie teams. Upstairs is located a sensory laboratory. Part of the façade is lined with wood from sherry and bourbon barrels, dedicated to aging whiskey. A second building is reserved for brewing and fermentation. A portion of the energy used to operate the equipment will come from the biogas generated by the distillation process.

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The project was assigned to the French architect following a competition held in 2016. bartholomew grinos, It was intended to refer to the lighthouses echoing the North Sea, visible from afar. To celebrate the opening of this new facility, Glenmorangie produced 3,000 copies of twelve-year-old whiskey, aged in barrels whose wood is used in the building. he is “Sweet and Fruity”, Distillery promises.

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