In Scotland, the spirit of freedom revived

In Scotland, the spirit of freedom revived

Report – In its schedule, the SNP has promised a more prosperous Scotland, while risking a return to the European fold.

Special Envoy of Edinburgh

The geography of places often speaks better than great analyzes. In the heart of Edinburgh, on either side of the Waverly Valley, two stately buildings face each other. On one side, on the southern slope of Calton Hill, is St Andrew’s House, a massive Art Deco-style monument housing the Scottish Government. On the other hand, the new seat of British officers in Scotland, a huge complex built a few months ago and renamed “UK Government in Scotland” when the former name was “Scottish Office”. On one side, the flag with St. Andrew’s cross, the Union Jack on the other. All the symbolism of the current deadlock, while the elections on Thursday revive the challenge to freedom.

London has invested in this sprawling campus, not just for modern convenience. This large British headquarters shows for some time a change in the strategy undertaken by His Majesty’s Government. To gain popularity, the “center” now wants

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