In the wire ball on the way to Scotland

In the wire ball on the way to Scotland

Last Friday, the ball, the so-called wireball, was set in motion by Paderborn’s “Sports Mile” (almu) between Bentler Arena and Ahorn Sports Park. Initially (from left) Paderborn Mayor Michael Dreyer, Carsten Horms from the OWL Cultural Office, University President Prof. Dr. Birgit Reigraf, Simon Rosner and Willie Lenz as representatives of the game, Church Pastor Dr. Area Niels Petrat and initiator Arand Drossel.

The next leg from Paderborn to Salzkotten will take place on Saturday, 7 August. After that, the ball arrives only 90 days later, in Glasgow, just in time for COP 26, the United Nations climate change conference. Arnd Drossel is on the mission of the “My Promise Earth” association. To set an example, the association collects promises for a better and more climate-friendly future. The promises should be presented at the United Nations Climate Conference and the importance of environmental and climate protection should be underscored by actions taken directly from the population. In about 60 daily steps, Arnd Drossel, in turn with his colleagues, will move the 150 kg and 2.10 m high movable wire ball across Scotland.

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