Interesting Facts About the Scottish Education System

More and more young people from all around Europe and other parts of the world decide to pursue a degree in Scotland. And no wonder why! There are lots of reasons to prefer this country over others.

First of all, Scotland is famous for its friendliness. It’s not a myth that this region is a very welcoming place to study. Scottish people are always happy to help foreigners and give them a piece of advice when needed. The statistics show that about 20% of students in Scotland’s universities come from abroad. So no matter where you are from, you will never be alone as an international student. What’s more, there are a lot of associations that can help you settle in, get to know the country and socialize.

Secondly, Scotland has some of the cheapest universities to attend in the UK. The living costs are also quite affordable in this country. They usually range between 700 – 1,100 GBP per month. Of course, the overall costs largely depend on your lifestyle and the accommodation type. But still, you won’t spend too much money living and studying in this country.

Another great thing about Scotland is that you can see the history first hand there. There is a huge number of castles where you can spend your free time. Some of the best places to visit are Edinburgh Castle, the Rosslyn Chapel, Mull of Galloway and Luskentyre Beach. But what if you don’t have any spare time because of too intense studies? The answer is below!

Professional help for Scotland students

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Students often feel under pressure from everyday classes and numerous assignments. College life may be really exhausting and it’s okay to seek help with your studies. Luckily, there are many online tools that can assist you with the learning process. If you were assigned an essay, you can use a college essay generator to complete it fast and almost without any effort. There are also lots of citation generators, paraphrasing tools, plagiarism checkers and other software that you can access on the web to make the studying process easier.

Some facts about Scottish education

The education system in Scotland stands out among other countries. Let’s see what makes it special!

You can choose your learning style

We all are different, especially when it comes to learning. While some people perceive written information better, others need to listen to it. So one learning style doesn’t suit everybody. The good thing is that Scotland’s universities take different approaches to their courses. Study programmes vary from one course to another so none of them is the same.

There is a wide range of courses

Can you imagine that Scottish universities have about 4,500 courses? They cover more than 100 subject areas at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Higher institutions in Scotland provide countless research programmes that are available online and on campus. You can choose a degree in Business, Data Science, International Law, History, Architecture, Cultural Studies and many other fields.

The whole Scotland can be your campus

Modern institutions do not stick to the 4 walls for their learning. Students have a chance to visit lots of learning sites, such as marine centers in Shetland and Argyll as well as archeological sites on Orkney. It makes young people closer to their area of study and allows them to gain valuable hands-on experience.

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You can have access to latest tech tools

Since recently, there has been a huge increase in technology adoption. The Scottish education system can boast of a variety of online resources designed specifically for students. Teachers deliver materials through the web and use video conferences for classes. While studying at one of the Scottish universities, you can benefit from up-to-date tech tools.

The research quality is impressive

They say that research conducted in Scottish universities rocks. This country is so famous for its leading research institutions. Did you know that some of the developments of Scottish scientists have led to such inventions as the MRI scanner and even keyhole surgery? Just imagine, you can be involved in the development of popular software, earthquake forecasting, and new discoveries in the field of quantum mechanics.

Final thoughts

Pursuing a degree in Scotland can be one of the best study-related decisions in your life. This country is a perfect place for people seeking deep knowledge and practical skills. No matter what programme you want to enroll in, you will not be disappointed with its quality. Scotland offers courses for people with different interests and learning styles. It provides access to learning sites and the latest tech tools. And last but not least, Scottish research institutions are recognised all over the world.


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