iPhone found in water in Scotland after a year

iPhone found in water in Scotland after a year

The smartphone recovered by a diver was returned to its owner.

Who has never dropped their smartphone in the toilet bowl, swimming pool or lake? It’s probably happened to all of us and, to reassure ourselves, we’ve all rushed to dip it in rice, hoping the magic will work. Fortunately, today’s smartphones are now waterproof and capable of being underwater for long periods of time.

In Scotland, a woman found her iPhone after dropping her in the Water of Leith, a river in Edinburgh. The woman probably didn’t expect to find her phone someday, but she was without relying on Shane Stephen, a Scottish diver accustomed to pulling artifacts out of the water. The iPhone he found had been submerged in a Scottish river for over a year!

The iPhone was in the Water of Leith, Edinburgh, for a year.

It is a combination of circumstances that made it possible to locate the iPhone, as the Scottish Daily Diver indicates, Scotsman. “It was hot and I wanted to take a dip, so I got permission to dive into the waters of Leith. […] About half an hour later, I found a red mobile phone while trying to pull a bicycle through the water. “ After this Shane Stephen joined the telecommunications company O. contacted2, which he told the SIM card number. The owner could then be thanked to the operator.

There is no indication that the smartphone was working even after spending so much time underwater. However, it is highly unlikely that the iPhone will still be in working order. In fact, seal and sea salt don’t mix well, more than likely rust would have clogged the phone.

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