It was his last wish

It was his last wish

Sean Connery He will return to his beloved Scotland. Starry ashes, Died at 90 On 31 October, he will be driven to his motherland. He declares it His wife Michelle Rokbrune To Scottish Mail. This would be a wish expressed by the actor, a wish that family members hope to fulfill. Connery died in the Bahamas, where he had lived for years. His body will be cremated during a private service near his Lyford home. James Bond’s ashes will then be scattered over his homeland.

Michelle Rokbrune: “Sean Connery’s Last Wish”

We bring Sean back to Scotland, it was his last wishAnnounced the widow of the star. Shortly after her death, the woman made it known that Connery suffered from chenille dementia And he had died peacefully in his sleep. “He wanted his ashes to spread in the Bahamas and also in his homeland. We want to organize a memorial ceremony for him in Scotland“, The woman specified that she did not yet know when this would be possible due to the stringent measures on social discrimination imposed by the coronovirus epidemic:”This is our hope, but we cannot say when exactly it will happen“.

Sean Connery’s widow’s memory

exciting Memory of sean connery Since 1975, his wife Michelle returns with the star. Hours after his death, reached by mail on Sunday, he said: “He died in his sleep, peacefully and very calmly. I was with him the whole time and he had just gone out. This was what he wanted. He was suffering from dementia and it had a negative effect on him. It was amazing and we had a wonderful life. It would be very difficult without him, I know. But he could not go on forever and he went peacefully“.

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