John Lewis Christmas Announcement 2020 | Who sings a song

  John Lewis Christmas Announcement 2020 |  Who sings a song

John Lewis has announced his 2020 Christmas announcement, which marks the beginning of a festive season for many.

Following last year’s exciting Edgar, the latest campaign calls viewers “give a little love” and displays examples of everyday kindness in a charming animated form.

Working together with two children to get a football from a tree, we see a snowman helping a couple get back on the road after their car broke down, while a family brings their lonely neighbor a cheer for Christmas.

With a clever turn at the end, the ad shows that if everyone wanted to show such kindness, the world could be a better place to live.

Food poverty is produced in conjunction with charity Fairshare And Parental Support Charity Home-start, John Lewis plans to raise million 5 million for families struggling to get through this difficult time of year.

You can contribute to raise charitable funds John Lewis website, Either by text or by purchasing a limited edition gift line, the profits of which will be donated to all.

Pipa Vix, executive director of John Lewis & Partners, said, “The world has changed in one year like no other – so we’re going to have a Christmas campaign like no other.” During 2020 we have seen some inspiring and heartbreaking acts in our country and our communities.

“Now we want to carry on this spirit to create an extended legacy beyond Christmas. Together we can make a big difference in the families who need help the most. “

You can see the full ad below:

Who sings John Lewis Christmas Ad 2020?

As usual, John Lewis 2020 Christmas announcement is set on an original song that will be very popular during the festive period.

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This year’s song is titled Little Love and is performed by rising star Celeste on the British music scene, who recently released the lead single from Chicago 7’s Netflix Awards contender The Trial the Trial the Soundtrack.

She is also known for her recent hit stop The Flame, which charted across Europe and has been used extensively on Premier League Sky Sports coverage.

You can find Celeste by Little Love on your favorite music platform This link.


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