Kane will face 1 million lawsuits from workers at a live opera show on the West

Kane will face 1 million lawsuits from workers at a live opera show on the West

Kanye West Faced with a રહ્યો 1 million lawsuit from workers at his live opera show, he then allegedly failed to pay his wages.

The rapper has been accused of paying “unpaid wages” and failing to pay the minimum wage when he hosted a series of shows at The Hollywood Bowl last year.

Kanye premiered the opera in December 2019, weeks after his gospel album, Jesus Is King.

Documents obtained by Blast Reveals that Kane and Promoter Live Nation are being sued by employees and a hair assistant on production, alleging that she owes “unpaid wages, continued wages, compensation, civil penalties, legal penalties and attorney’s fees and costs.” Is.

Kanye West (Picture: Getty)

She claims her day rate was paid late, and other employees faced charges of getting their checks. It is also claimed that Kanye “failed to properly compensate” dozens of employees, including the cast of his show.

“Defendants monitored, controlled and operated the production, and offended employees worked many hours on production and were not paid on time for their work, or not paid at all,” the documents said.

Kanye and his team have not responded to the allegations.

Yesterday, Kanye also conceded defeat in the presidential race, announcing his return to Twitter.

The West ended its campaign shortly after midnight on Wednesday, posting an image of a map of the United States, with its states in the shadows according to which were won by fellow candidates Donald Trump and JB Biden.

Despite his loss, Kanye managed to win nearly 1,000,000 votes at 4,30 p.m.

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He has confirmed plans to run once again in 2024.


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