Kate and William: a message of solidarity for Scottish doctors

Kate and William: a message of solidarity for Scottish doctors

Kate E William they return to speak publicly. The occasion was Burns Night, the day Scotland celebrates the figure of the Scottish poet robert burns. a celebration especially felt by the Scottish people and that duke of cambridge They wanted to celebrate enough with an important communication. William E Kate actually recorded a video message aimed at healthcare workers NHS Teesside, one of the Scottish health districts. “Sadly and sadly, this year will be a little different. And for many of you on the front lines, today will be a very different time, as you are working to protect the most vulnerable during these pandemic times.” Working tirelessly,” Kate said. a red tartan dress (All the details of her outfit in this article)

Burns Night, held every year on January 25, was also celebrated enough by Prince Charles and Camilla who performed one of the poet’s most famous works. It is perhaps no coincidence that Burns Knight witnessed such heartfelt participation from the English royals.

Post Brexit This was really hard to accept for the Scottish people, never from London to this day, who have suffered from the worst consequences of choices made by the central government (for customs policies relating to food) and who are moving more and more. There is freedom. So it is up to the Crown, it seems, to try to keep the country united, especially in these dramatic times. Will they be successful? Tough sentence for posterity, and for Scots.


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