Kovid: GB, Scotland also reduce their alerts and reopen Europe

Kovid: Cold reception for Will and Kate in Scotland and Wales - Europe

(ANSA) – London, 11 May – Scotland formally aligns yesterday with the British central government of Boris Johnson with the British Central Government’s re-planning of the post-Kovid, which began for England from 17 May, with smaller Except for the difference, it was announced today by Nicola Sturgeon, Edinburgh’s local first minister and independence leader, whose administration in Scotland is competent in terms of health, such as those in Wales or Northern Ireland.

Sturgeon has reported from the same date that almost all counties of Scotland have a decline in vigilance levels from almost 3 to level 2 in almost all levels of Scotland, with the exception of the eastern counties of Morey, Scotland, where more recent than any other The infection has increased over the weeks. Area of ​​the state. A downsizing, which, among other things, allowed the resumption of indoor service in England, including alcohol in pub and freezer movements and visits, along with, among other things, the relaxation of restrictions on social and family contact in England Will give. Inside the nation.

A hug is also allowed between family and friends, with some limitations related to vulnerable or irresponsible people for whom it is recommended to do away.

Even more wide light with decreasing alerts for Level 1, ultimately in the Western Isles of Scotland, in the remote archipelago of Orkney and Shetland, as well as in the islands of the Hypoled Highlands, excluding Skye, Argyll and Butte. (hand).

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