La Rochelle suffers but starts with a win in Scotland – European Cup

La Rochelle souffre mais commence par une victoire en Ecosse

The perfect start to the European campaign for La Rochelle, winner of Edinburgh Lawn (13-8) on Saturday night.

Stade Rochellese, lacking its realism in its highlights, was content with a dull victory on Saturday night at the Edinburgh (13-8) ground to enter the competition in the European Cup. The top 14 leaders, dominant throughout the match but winning average, were content with two attempts by Raymond Rhode (24th) and Jerry Sinzel (42nd), one of which saw Scots blower Kinghorn (51st) Was signed. Richard Cockerill’s players rare entry into the 22-meter audience. The breakthrough allows Jono Gibbs’ men to keep pace with Toulon and Bordeaux-Begels, with the winners also in Pool A, dominated by Lannister and Wasps, the only winners with an offensive bonus.

Irrationality and infirmity

The Maritimes had come up with big intentions, in view of a giant Will Skelton whether in the bout or running play. But Edinburgh faced this with suspicion in Pro 14 (2 wins, 5 defeats), they lacked such realism (20) not to succeed in the order or Tavera Kerr-Barlow of Stuart McInally (22) Raised near the in-goal). With the push signal, Yale and Black received a violation, including Riley on a move by Geoffrey Dumayro and Sinzel for testing by Ryule (0-8). Barely in danger, Rochaella was surprised before the break on the first local avatar, punished by Jaco van der Walt (38th).

Returning from the locker room, we assumed, after a confused attempt at maritime supremacy in Sinzel (3–13) and the Rux Zone, that La Rochelle would eventually be freed. It was not that, with very rough and bad choices, the match fell into approximation, which did not allow the game to develop. The end of the game also became slightly tense for Gregory Aldrit’s partners, who withdrew two penalties and won Scotland’s last chance.

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