Lakers vs Heat Game 5 Final Score: Jimmy Butler drops second triple-double in 111-108 win

Lakers vs Heat Game 5 Final Score: Jimmy Butler drops second triple-double in 111-108 win

This Los Angeles Lakers Will prepare to win their 17th championship in Game 5 of 2020 NBA Finals in front of The heat of Miami ET on ABC on Friday night at 9:00 p.m. This Lakers The best series of series-1 can win and seal things with a win. He will win his fourth straight series in five matches. The Lakers are favored by 7 points and are -335 on the money line as of tonight. We’ll share some picks before the tip-before f and stick your bets here to sweat and follow the action!

Last Updated: Heat 111, Lakers 108 Jimmy Butler Hold a pair of free throws and hits to win Game 5 and prolong the 2020 NBA Finals. The Lakers had a very questionable final possession. The best shot they got was a LeBron kick out to Danny Green, who made a 3-pointer brick. Markiff Morris got a rebound and turned the ball. Butler finished with 35 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists, with 5 steels in the win.

11:27 – Labro just finished a three-point game for 38 points. The Lakers are one up with a 1:30 following in the game. Crush the baby. Jimmy Butler Going to the line. It has 31-12-11 and five steels. LeBron and Jimmy keep going back and forth. It doesn’t look like the Lakers will cover it but who cares at this point, right? This is taking shape for a classic finish. We’re down a minute to go and Butler has two free throws. If he bangs both, Hit and LA will have the ball.

11: 16 – The Lakers have the lead! LA is above 97-96 after 3-pointers Cantavius ​​Caldwell-Pope. LeBron is also up to 33-10-7, so he’s three assist triple-doubles away. With just over 6 minutes left in the game, the spread is in the game. This will be a fun one.

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11:07 – Lakers are challenging offensive objections LeBron James That should be overturned. There was no way that the charge was. Either way, the Lakers are down 93-85 and can’t get a stop. Credit for Heat All move well in the game. Bum Adebayo The X-factor has been down on crime and defense. LeBron has 31 points on 12-of-15 shooting and 6-of-8 from downtown. It’s been unbeaten but the defense isn’t just for LA

Third quarter recap – This Heat Don’t mess around. Miami is leading 88-82 after the third quarter, trying to extend that series to Game 6 on Sunday. Jimmy Butler His mind is playing. He has 27 points, 9 rebounds and 10 assists, completing triple-doubles in almost three quarters. LeBron and ADA have amassed 50 points for the Lakers but for the most part it is coming down. LA has just 14 points off the bench and 18 starting points off LeBron and Eddie. The spread will probably be in the game but it looks like if the Lakers win, it will be a kind of possession scenario. LeBron’s triple-double prospects are also not the best.

10:39 – Laker has made a cut that has led to two points, ahead of the heat 72-70. Butler Just did a lapup and is going to -1 and line. It seems Dwight Howard The play will also have a technical opportunity to swipe over Butler’s head. LeBron and Eddie are keeping the Lakers in the game but they need help. The two have combined for half Lakers points so far. Let’s see if the heat can stick to this lead. It looks like the Lakers are close to taking control. Howard Stuck with a vague foul on play.

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Halftime update – So the Lakers at halftime 4.5. Failing to cover the points we took the first L of the night. This Heat Surprisingly half is above 60-56. Jimmy Butler Half scored 22 points with 6 rebounds and 6 assists. It takes all the scores forward, one point ahead LeBron James, Who have 21 points at halftime. Davis The injury has shaken up in the first quarter and has 13 points and 7 rebounds. The Lakers were kind of running towards the end of the second, so they could fire into the second. Something tells me that the heat doesn’t go away.

9:55 – Well, it’s been a real Lakers first half spread. This Heat Right now one is by the right amount and it looks like they are expanding the range unless the Lakers go on the run. There are still many ball games but Miami has been a better team by a mile. Butler Right now there are 13 points and 5 assists to lead the hit.

First quarter recap – This Heat There is a 1-point lead after the first quarter, 25-24 on the Lakers. Anthony Davis His ankle / foot was injured towards the end of the quarter, but he looked fine before the end of the quarter. So let’s see if Eddie comes back into the game. Right now, the -4.5 spread in the first half will be closer to the Lakers. Eddie’s quarterback has 8 points and 3 rebounds. LeBron has 6 points, 2 assists and 2 rebounds after the quarter.

9:32 – Well, things didn’t go well for the Lakers on another deadline. This Heat Is 20-18 and the Lakers seem lazy so far. LeBron is out of the game for whatever reason Davis Shots are pressure. We were expecting some pushbacks from the heat, which is why we took the Lakers at half-time and the Lakers on a 7-point spread.

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9:29 – The Lakers start early in the first quarter. It’s 18-13 and the speed is the same as the 4 game when we saw the tough game. Anthony Davis While having 6 points and 3 rebounds LeBron James Assists 4 points and 2 early starts.

Play pre-game – So we’ve probably done a lot of action for the last game of the season (which we’re banking on tonight). We have Lakers-7 and Lakers 1 H-4 spread. I’ve mentioned the props I like for tonight and we’re chasing them LeBron James Triple-double in Elimination game at +235. On top of that, I had DKSB. Liked Tyler Hero O 2.5-pointers on. I was on too LeBron James I believe that as a top point scorer at +130. So have invested heavily in the Lakers tonight. Balm Adebayo O.5..5 was also on the props of supporting players, so we will track that too.


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