Limbo – A Syrian in Scotland

Limbo - A Syrian in Scotland

With Limbo, a much awaited film coming to theaters, Limbo was selected in Cannes, Toronto and San Sebastian last year, as well as a BAFTA nomination. It tells the story of a young Syrian expatriate and musician who ends up on an island off the Scottish coast. Migrants play the main role, not Europeans.

I wanted the refugees to be the focus of the film and thus create a direct connection. I believe that we do not need any western character for identification. We can directly identify ourselves with refugee figures and find a part of ourselves in them.

Ben sharrock

The director

Limbo depicts the callousness of situations in which an alien – especially an expatriate – can meet in a humorous and awkward way. Amir El-Masry is a British actor with Egyptian roots. For him, the most important thing is understanding between cultures.

The audience understands the question of identity, the loss of identity, how it feels that one is not in one’s own familiarity, without regard for one’s own origin. British and Arab cultures – we also laugh at our misfortune… This balance between comedy and drama is a beautiful reflection of life in general.

Amir al-Masri

The actor

Limbo has just debuted in the USA and is slated to premiere in Europe this summer when the cinema will slowly reopen to its audience.

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