Line-up for the match against Italugbi, Scotland

Line-up for the match against Italugbi, Scotland

The head coach of the Italian National Rugby team Franco Smith has officially stated that there will be a Katolica Test match at Franchie Stadium in Florence in Scotland at 13.45pm on Saturday with Big and his teammates starting in the Autumn Nation. The match will be broadcast live on Mediasat Canley 20 with a connection starting at 1.30 pm. Commentary of the match will be submitted to Gianluca Barca and technical commentary by Mauro Bergamasco, the pair having already tested extensively in the Guinness PRO14.

The enlarged triangle is unprecedented, where Jacopo Trulla makes his debut in the wing – the sole owner in the fifteenth blue coming from the Peroni TOP10 – going to complete the enlarged triangle with Mattia Bellini on the wing and Matteo Minozzi following a fracture The nasal septum reported against England, coming back to extremes from the very first minute.

In the middle of the field, the center duo recorded confirmation of Carlo Canna, who was always present in the center role in Smith’s management and – with his 44 appearances – the highest-cap player in the Azzurri jersey in the early fifteenth: with him, More than a year after his only international appearance, Leon Marco Zanon.

The mean is confirmed for the third consecutive race with Gurdisi, with the opening and Wally adding back and forth as the scrum half and no change in the third line, where Smith relies on the experience and mobility of Polledri, Stan and Negri. Huh.

A permanent presence in the second line in the opening teams selected by Smith since his inauguration, a debut for Niccolोन Cannon at his city stadium: Florentine of Benetton Rugby with his clubmate Marj Lazaroni as their third successive boss Shared the department. .

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The sixth game as captain of Italy for Luca Bigi, run by the two teammates of Zebre, Ficcietti and Zilocchi, to the all-colored front line.

Twenty months after his final appearance in the national team, Leonardo Ghiraldini was back on the match list, with his 104 caps as the icon of Italian rugby and the most appearances in the history of the Azurri shirt. The bench is completed by Simone Ferrari, Pietro Ceccarelli, Johann Meyer, Maxim Mande, Stefan Varney – ready to win their first cap with Italrugby after playing with the Italian Under 20 National Team in the last six nations category And showing with Gloucester. In the first round of the English Premiership – Tommaso Allen and Federico Mori.

“An interesting tournament begins and we cannot wait to take the field to face this new challenge. With common passion and inspiration, we have done well these days. There will be other young players who will field for the first time with the national team who have made history of this shirt: a perfect mix to help build our team’s identity ”, Franco Smith said, announcing the XV holder.

Florence has the 32nd straight match between Italy and Scotland on Saturday, against which the Azzurri have earned eight, most successes in previous matches. The last challenge, at the Olympico in February, ended in a management-Smith third outing, 0–17 for the Highlanders, in a positive streak against Italy in six consecutive matches.
The task of race direction was given to English Carle, who is heading Italy for the fourth time in his career..

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This is the area that will take the area:

15 Mateo Minozzi (London Watts, 20 Cap)

14 Jacopo Trula (Kawasaki robot Calvisano, newcomer)

13 Marco Jackson (Benetton Rugby, 1 Cap)

12 Carlo CANNA (Zebre Rugby Club, 44 caps)

11 Mattia Bellini (Zebre Rugby Club, 27 caps)

10 Paolo Garbisi (Benetton Rugby, 2 caps)

9 Marcello VIOLI (Zebre Rugby Club, 17 caps)

8 Jake Polydry (Gloucester Rugby, 18 caps)

7 Blackberry STEYN (Benetton Rugby, 41 caps)

6 Sebastian NEGRI (Benetton Rugby, 27 caps)

5 Niccolo Cannon (Benetton Rugby, 5 Cap)

4 Marco LAZZARONI (Benetton Rugby, 8 caps)

3 Jiosu Zilkosi (Zebre Rugby Club, 7 caps)

2 Luka Big (Zebray Rugby Club, 29 Cap) – Captain

1 Danilo Fischetti (Zebre Rugby Club, 5 caps)


16 Leonardo GHIRALDINI (continued, 104 caps)

17 Simone Ferrari (Benetton Rugby, 31 Cap)


19 Johan Meyer (Zebre Rugby Club 6 Cap)

20 Maxime MBANDA ‘(Zebre Rugby Club, 22 caps)

21 Stephen Varney (Glouster Rugby, Accordant)

22 Tomaso Allen (Benetton Rugby, 57 caps)

23 Federico Mori (Kawasaki robot Calvisano, 1 cap)


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