Lochan Sheel, the best set of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaba” in Scotland


He appears in several Harry Potter films. It stretches along the green hills on the banks of the Lachcha Sheel, better known as the fictional Black Lake Lake of hogwarts. Glenfinnan looks at the lake, in Mountainous terrainHigh region of Scotland.

It is, perhaps, one of the most popular tourist destinations, located on the road between Malig and Fort William and has much to offer Scottish students and magician fans, who surpass history scholars , Which they know the area very well about, because of which Glenfinnan product World famous hogwarts express train.

This magnificent location was, in fact, used in two films of the JK Rowling saga: “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Liberty” And “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. In the first film we see Harry riding a hippogriff on this lake. However, in another, Harry’s best friend, Hermione Granger, sends a message to two of her best friends.


Glenfinnan, @ 123rf on Harry Potter Lake

It is an enclosed freshwater lake A picturesque setting, Mountains to the north and swamps and pastures to the south. Lake Sheel is only slightly above sea level and was actually a sea trench a few thousand years ago, when sea level was very high in Scotland.

There is an island in the middle of the lake, which makes this place even more magical. There is an ancient ruins chapel on the island, which is said to have been the first residence Scotland Santana Costa, a teacher from San Fens.


Island @ 123rf with old ruins

But along the southern coast as well as Achral, ​​the site of the battle was fought in 1140 in which Sommerald defeated the Vikings, which was found to be the dynasty of Lords of the Isles. The lake was of great strategic importance at that time because it marked a communication route through the mountains and along the Shil River that was once navigable, which is not possible today because the depth has fallen below 30 cm.

Before being used for the film adaptation of Harry Potter, the venue was chosen for one of these Set of the film “Highlander”. It is the body of water, in fact, that has been identified as the birthplace of Connor McLeod, played by Christopher Lambert.


Loch Sheel, il Black Lake di Harry Potter @ 123rf

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