London taxi driver who cheers for the blues and “Scottish” memes. Sarah’s testimony

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Sarah lives in London For a few years now, with his partner Andrea, little Tessa born in the British capital, and little dog Pepito. She comes from Rometta, she from Piazza ArmerinaBetween the infectious laughter of the little girl and the wagging of their Chihuahua’s tail, the European Football Championships followed at home. But only yesterday he returned to Sicily after a long journey from Great Britain to the city of Mosaic in the province of Anna.

Here, tonight, they will take part in the final of the European Championship with their relatives against the Three Lions led by coach Roberto Mancini’s Azurri and Gareth Southgate. «We saw the semi-final against Spain in a pub – says Sarah – and England-Ukraine in the company of a group of English, as well as a piece of England-Denmark. Many maxi-screens have been installed in London, the British believe in this and are very excited.

The taxi driver today (yesterday, NDC) was instead concerned because he supports Italy, but he had an English flag for fear of “retaliation”.. There is an air of great anticipation in the British capital, at every traffic light they sell flags of the national team led by Harry Kane ».

Another curiosity is that « in the whole of Great Britain they will support Italy – says Sarah -. In fact, “memes” are created and spread through the Internet or social networks. for example, Scots Azzurri. will supportIn this respect, the representation of the United Kingdom is symbolic, with only England having a white and red flag with St. George’s cross, while all other countries have the Italian tricolor. Or: “Save us Robert, you are our last hope.” “, “Save us Roberto, you are our last hope”. A sentence under a warrior with Mancini’s face in a composition made by “The National”, a newspaper supporting an independent Scotland.

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