Lukaku and D’Ambrosio steal Ribery’s roar in the San Siro thriller

Inter 4-3 Fiorentina: Lukaku and D'Ambrosio steal Ribery's thunder in San Siro thriller

Frank Ribery came back years later but Fiorentina were eventually crushed by an inter-rally with a thrilling 3-3 win to start their Serie A campaign alongside Antonio Conte.

Former Bayern Munich winger Ribery scored the second half for Gaetano Castroville and Federico Chiasa as Fiorentina were set to take points at San Siro on Saturday, with only Romelu Lukaku and Danilo D’Ambrosio striking late.

In a dramatic game Fisherantina saw an early lead through Christian Cuam, but Lautaro Martinez equalized majestic in first half stoppage time and immediately after the break Federico Sacherini’s own goal put Inter ahead.

Ribery then started running the show, first happily running Castroville down from the left, and then when his defense-splitting long pass fed Chisa.

But with seven minutes left, Fiorentina picked up Ribery, and D’Ambrosio took all three points in the back-post header before Lukaku was bundled up in the 87th minute level.

Inter’s first competitive game after the Europa League final defeat against Sevilla got off to a cold start in the third minute.

Cuamo close the gap after Cristiano Biragi’s cross from the left opened the home defense and played a selfless game from Guacamo Bonaventura.

Inter were awarded an 18th-minute penalty, but the decision was overturned after a video review, in which Martinez was the player who made the first contact when he and Martin Cace raced.

Fiorentina’s first half was shaken in stoppage time when Martinez tore a 22-yard strike in front of the Bartholomew dragos ski and in the right corner.

Then in the 51st minute Naseeb was on the side of the internship when Martinez’s shot from a few yards inside the left edge of the penalty area, well ahead of the target, fell just outside Checherini.

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Five minutes later Fiorentina caught a superb equalizer, while Ribery’s speed quickly backtracked the Inter’s defense and the Frenchman’s short pass found Castroville in the bottom-left corner from 12 yards out.

Ribery was back in the 3rd minute, spinning in midfield and threading a terrific ball that Chiassa clipped Fiorentina’s Samir Handnovic in third place.

Dusan Vlahovich squandered an opportunity to give Ribery a hat-trick of assists, then the inter-defense was drawn to the re-to-year-old, whose team-mate was found in the space yard by a timely release of the ball. Vlavovic gave a wide and wide shot, and Fiorentina placed Ribery in the 83rd minute.

Lukaku, who squandered the chances, pulled home the new signing Achraf Hakimi’s cross from the right four minutes later.

And that was cruel on Fiorentina when D’Ambrosio was fourth in the Inter a minute later, while Alexis Sanchez connected powerfully with a deprived cross from the left side.

What does that mean?

Maybe if a player dominates the game, don’t pick it up. Ribery was winning the match for Fiorentina, and it was decided by Giuseppe Echini to replace his star man with a backfire in a horrible way.

Maybe there was an injury but Ribery was looking for the ball a few moments before his number increased. Inter must have been happy to see his back and he won in his absence.

Pays the istence ta

Lukaku was talking about himself and he was getting into a state of spherical oring racing, but until his late intervention it was a shocking night for the former Manchester United man. When striking partner Martinez took a look, and showed why Barcelona are eager, Lukaku kept the chances of contraction.

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He hit six shots in all and failed to hit the first four goals. Conte would have been delighted to see Lukaka continue, and refused to let his head down, equalizing in the end, which paved the way for D’Ambrosio to win the game.

Frank-lye superb

There is no sign of a delay in the military career. With Inter’s defense agreeing, his speed on the left remains significant, and they were sh bha ahead, wary of where the next Shimmy would take him, before he adopted Castroville for another Fiorentina.

His aspect of Chisa’s strike was just as impressive, and Vlavovic must have done much better with his chance. Opta recorded five key passes on the p te, two more than the other players on the pitch.

What’s next

Interhead for Benevento on Wednesday, while Fiorentina Sampdoria will play on Friday.


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