M4 Traffic: Road closed after accident today near Chippenham – Updates

M4 Traffic: Road closed after accident today near Chippenham - Updates

Two separate crashes occurred on the same stretch of M4 this afternoon (Wednesday, September 30).

Wiltshire Police have confirmed that they were present at the time of the crash between J17A350 (Chipenham) and J18A46 (Bath) on Westbound Carriage Way.

All traffic is currently being held on the Westbound Carriage Way due to a multi-vehicle crash and another collision.

The Enrix traffic monitoring site reported that traffic was being held on both the Westbound and Eastbound carriageways while traffic officials assessed the situation at 11.54am.

Highway England Southwest tweeted: “# M4 Westbound between J17 #Chipenham And J18 # Beth Currently closed due to accident. Please consider alternative routes and plan ahead for your trip. ”

In a warning, Highway England Southwest says on their website that Wiltshire police are present.

They have issued the following diversion: “Exit the M4 at J17 and follow the solid diamond diversion symbol

“A350 exit 2G south of the border

Take the Chipenham A350 / A420 roundabout, exit the A420 Westbound (Bristol Road) at 4

“Cold Ashton A420 / A 46 roundabout, 3rd exit at A46 Northbound

“Reconnect M4 on J18.”

This is a live blog that will be updated as we know more.

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