Mancini Braveheart, Scotland backs Italy

Mancini Braveheart, Scotland backs Italy

Glasgow (Scotland) – after france Scotland will also cheer for Italy in the final of the European Championship To be held at Wembley against England at 9 pm on Sunday. scottish independence newspaper NationalIn fact, this morning he put Roberto Mancini on the front page with his face painted in Braveheart style and a headline that leaves no room for imagination: “Save us, you are our only hope”,

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Italy, last training in Coverciano before final

So they’ll cheer for Italy in Scotland

A Mancio version of Mel Gibson, or rather William Wallace, a Scottish patriot and national hero. The subtitle of the image is even more hilarious and explains why they will cheer for our national team in the final against the English in Scotland: “We ‘they’ couldn’t stand another 55 years of boasting”, The reference is apparently to England’s victory in the 1966 World Cup, played at home which represented the national team’s first and so far only confirmed victory. three lions Between the World and European Championships. Therefore, Italy-England will not only be a football match, but it will also have significant political implications for London’s neighbours.

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