Michael Cohen’s book says Trump has “the lowest opinion of all black people.”

Michael Cohen's book says Trump has

“Michael Cohen is a liar and a vague advocate for Congress,” he said in a statement. “He’s lost all credibility, and it’s amazing to see his last attempt to take advantage of the lie.” A spokesman for the Trump organization did not respond to a request for comment.

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According to Mr. Cohen, he was lying on behalf of Mr. Trump, whether he was under investigation or trying to win him good headlines. Mr. Cohen Pleaded guilty Stage name Stormy Daniels went to adult-daughter Stephanie Clifford in 2018 for stamping related financial crimes and financial violations of the campaign.

Mr. Cohen is guilty of such acts in the book, saying he is guilty of the crimes and that the U.S. He was the victim of a “guilty machine” from the government, which also threatened his wife. He writes in detail about how he got rid of it Minimal Security Prison in Otisville, NY, The rest of his sentence will be just to serve at home Thrown back into jail Because initially he would not sign a document banning the publication of the book. Judge later Ruled that the move was taken by the government, And Mr. Cohen was released from house arrest for the remainder of his sentence.

He sheds some light on what he shared with Robert S. Mueller III, a former special adviser investigating possible links between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, and says Mr. Trump’s soft spot for Mr. Putin is largely a potential business. The deals are about and general appreciation for dictatorial power, as well as Hillary Clinton’s shared contempt.

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Mr. Trump told Mr. Putin for his perfection that “occupying and running an entire nation was like his personal company – like the Trump organization, in fact,” Mr. Cohen writes.

The prospect of a Trump Tower project in Moscow attracted his boss, Mr. Cohen writes. So Mr. Cohen handled it, he writes. That project became something that was investigated by Mr. Mueller.

Mr. Cohen describes the Trump organization as reminiscent of the mafia, with Mr. Trump being the don of the family.


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