Netflix announces London Hughes stand-up special from Heartbeat Prods

Netflix announces London Hughes stand-up special from Heartbeat Prods

Comedian, writer, actor and host London Hughes has set up his first stand-up special for Netflix, produced by Heartbeat Productions. Diversity Specially learned.

The hour-long special, titled “London Hughes: To Catch a D * CK”, will be released on December 22nd. The debut Come Medie Special first debuted in the UK and was the first British Black Woman to be nominated. Come to Edinburgh for the Medi “Best Show” award. Now it is premiering it globally.

“I’m thrilled to be working with this legend named Kevin Hart, and I’m so excited to see this special world,” Hughes said. “After the crazy years we’ve had, we can all do it with a good laugh and some good dick.”

In particular, Hughes reflects on how “wonderful, successful, exciting” he is … no gag reflex and yet [is] Very single, “explained Netflix. To break down how it happened, Hughes is using his platform to “explore the whole mystery of why the world is desirable? [and] Brilliant but a woman – who definitely doesn’t need a man but wouldn’t consider that option. ”

“London Hughes is a one-time pay generation genius. Heartbeat is excited and privileged to produce its first global Come Medi special with the world’s largest Come Medi platform, ”said executive producer Brian Smiley.

“London Hughes: To Catch the DCC” is directed by Christian Mercado and produced by Hart, Smiley, Leland Wigington and Tiffany Brown’s Heartbeat, as well as Troy Miller for Dakota Films.

It’s not just Hughes’ partnership with Streamer: Just last week it was announced that Hughes would be hosting the next 18-episode weekly Comedie, along with fellow comedians David Spade and Fortune Feminist, aptly titled “The Netflix.” The series is set to launch in 2021.

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Hughes is also known for appearing on ITV 2’s “Don’t Hate Play”, as well as the same network’s “The Stand-up Sketch Show”, BBC 2’s “Mock the Week”, and Amazon Prime’s “Flibag” and its own YouTube series. , “No filter.” She has also hosted Channel 5’s “Extreme Hair Wars” and a dating podcast titled “London, Really,” which is available on Spotify.

Hartbart just launched Hart’s stand-up special “Zero F ** ks Given” on Streamer earlier this week.

Hughes has been re-positioned by Heaven, Curtis Brown, UTA and Ziffren. Hart has been re-positioned by 3 Arts, UTA and Shrek Rose Deplo Adams Berlin and Dunham.


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