New IMA Celeb Contestants 2020: Who is Ruth Henschel and what is she famous for?

New IMA Celeb Contestants 2020: Who is Ruth Henschel and what is she famous for?

Ant and Dec have just confirmed that two new cast members will join the line I am Celebrity 2020, And one of them is Ruth Henschel.

I’m back to that celebrity and every day with a new episode on ITV.

The new series began on Sunday night with a new selection of celebrities who entered the Jungle edition this year.

We call it the ‘version’ because this year the forest will actually be a castle in Wales.

To comply with the Covid-19 restrictions and the current lockdown, the producers relocated the Australian Stirling Forest to the Welsh countryside around Gwich Castle.

Currently, the castle houses 10 celebrities, but Russell Watson and West End star Ruth Henshall are due to go to camp tomorrow night.

One of the celebrities entering the palace is Ruth Henshall, an English actress, singer, and dancer known for her work in the musical theater. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Who is Ruth Henschel? And what is it famous for?

Ruth Henschel

Valentine Ruth Henschel, professionally known as Ruth Henschel, began her professional career in 1986, before entering the West End in cats in 1987.

Ruth Henschel’s multi-award winning career has seen her star in Cats, Miss Saigon, Crazy for You, She Loves Me, Margaret, Oliver !, A Chorus Line, Les Misbrables, Billy Elliott and the most popular musicals of the last 30 years. Chicago.

He has also had tremendous success in plays, concerts and on television.

Her television appearances include Valerie, the Case in the BBC, Curb Your Anticipation, Law and Order, The Mysteries at 711st Street, The Sound Musf Musicals and Dance On No Ice.

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Ruthy’s book So You Want to Be was released at Musicals 2012.

In 2014, Ruthy played Mrs. Wilkinson in the Billy Elliott at the Victoria Palace Theater, as well as on live video recordings of the show.

Most recently, Ruthie played Mama Morton in the West End in Chicago, making her the only British actress to play all three of the leading female roles on the show.

Talking about the show, Ruth, 53, admitted to being a little disappointed by becoming a wild card instead of joining the top 10 contestants for the weekend.

The stage star said: “I have been pulling my hair for the last two weeks. I think it sounds a little more difficult because it feels like you’ll come to school late and everyone’s gang has already been found.

“So you think I’m a bit of an outsider because you know they’ve been there for a few days.

“But I’m in the habit of being part of the company. I only benefit so much from it because I can only throw myself into it. And then hopefully they’ve found a place in their hearts for another celebrity.

“Who doesn’t want to be the queen of the castle. You know, it’s a cool title. But I don’t really think that far.”

Ruthy believes in ghosts and will not be surprised to see some in the castle as she speaks with them in the acting theaters.

She declared: “I want to think that loved ones are still with us so if this is the case then maybe there will be ghosts too.

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“Every time I go to the theater once I finish the show and it’s my last show of the theater when I always go out, when the haunted light is on and thank the theater and all the theater ghosts, although for a long time I Because I think when people perform, if you’re performing in a palladium, you know, a little bit of Judy Garland fairy dust is still there. “

Where am I shooting a celebrity this year? More about Gwich Castle

The 2020 series will be held at Gwich Castle

ITV announced earlier this month that I’m the 20th series of celebrities … get me out of here! Filming will take place at the historic Gwich Castle, Ber Bergel in North Wales.

Ant and December I’m hosting a celebrity friendly version … get me out of here! Live every night on ITV from this fall castle.

Guerich Castle is a listed grade of 19th-century country house near Bergel in the Conway County borough of Venice. The castle and the 250 acre estate are privately owned and for these years I have been a celebrity range.

With views of beautiful Welsh countryside, Gwich Castle is perched on a tree-lined hill overlooking the Irish Sea. With its elaborate design and constructions the atmospheric destructive fort is spread over 250 acres of gardens and plains.

The producers said the show has found a new one for its new home, Girich Castle, Ber Bergel, but hopefully everything the viewers like about the series will remain the same.

The 19th-grade I-listed castles have been converted for the program, and will be housed in living quarters and bedrooms of celebrities.

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