no one chooses where to be born but today i’m italian

no one chooses where to be born but today i'm italian

The victory of Mancini’s national team over England in the final of the European Championship pleased not one, but two people: the Italian and the Scottish. The level of emotion exchanged last Sunday is shown by a video of a speech given by a Scottish fan and addressed to the whole world.

Save us Roberto, you’re our last hope, we can’t bear another 55 years of uproar for a title“, he read Scots appeal to Roberto Mancini portrayed as Braveheart on the front page of the national newspaper, on the eve of European Championship final between Italy and England. And the Azzurri did not shy away from such an act, depriving the National Team of the Three Lions the joy of winning the second great tournament after the 1966 World Cup, which is so sad that the British have ever placed on a bulletin board. . The whole history of football.

The responsibility of making two people happy has not been weighed in the heads of Italian players, but has strengthened their hearts, making them win at their last breath, or in the lottery of penalties. The moment Donnarumma’s hand bit the shot of doubt, From Rome to Glasgow, from Milan to Edinburgh, from Naples to Aberdeen roared in unison.

In the name of the most authentic spirit of brotherhood among the people – but above all”The enemy of my enemy is my friend“- the Scots thanked us for saving us from the intolerable prosopopia of the British and Like us, they took to the streets to celebrate with carousels and trumpets.

Soul hugging, exchange of feelings which was at its peak on Sunday afternoon on the eve of the final, with the spread ofEmotional speech by a Scottish fan Who justified the level of involvement with Italy by wearing a blue shirt: “good morning my friends and the whole world – he announced in a keen Italian while reading the text he had prepared for the occasion – I speak for myself and for the Scottish people. Today is an important day. None of us chooses where to be born or the circumstances of our birth. But today I am Italian and my heart is blue. For the good of all humanity, let’s all march towards victory together! Come to Italy, win for us!“. Everyone said with great participation and, hitting their hearts, said. Dear friend, we also love you, now everything is fine …


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