Not only is Scotland with the Azurri – Corriere dell’Umbria

Not only is Scotland with the Azurri - Corriere dell'Umbria

towards Euro 2020 final in the program Tomorrow on 11 July in London between Italy and England. It’s an eve in which fans are evicted. Brexit and more: England appears more and more isolated in excitement for this last gods Wembley. Apart from Scots, as discovered today, thanks to the cover of «.nationalistwhat he had Cover Italy coach Roberto Mancini In place of the historical independence leader William Wallace, even french They will cheer for Italy in the final of Euro 2020 tomorrow.

he reveals it teamAccording to: The poll, which received 106,755 responses, said 69% would support Italy, only 20% England, while 11% would abstain

As we said, Scotland is excited for Italy in the European final. After the sole ban on England In this traveling edition of the tournament, with the second day of Group D still without a goal, the Scots are no longer hoping to see their English rivals win. Needle Social There is a constant encouragement for Italian footballers, but on the eve of the final the newspaper “The National” is also lined up, with the front page dedicated to Roberto Mancini, featured brave A face painted white and blue and a plea in the title: “Save us Roberto, you are ours… the last hope!».

«Tomorrow will be an extraordinary day for Italian sport. European football and Wimbledon tournaments end with Azzurri as the protagonist. It’s a great joy after a terrible month. Even in these moments of national pride, let us never forget that our “game” to defeat COVID has not been won yet. We support our champions responsibly, remembering the rules of spacing and using masks properly”, the health minister said. Roberto Speranza.

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