Odds of Winning the Football World Cup 2022

The World Cup 2022 is quite far-fetched yet, but the enthusiasm has started building up, and the punters are now gearing up to place their bets over the tournament. Although the work for the game has just begun, people have started to talk about the odds of winning the Football World Cup 2022. The experts are also filling in positions and putting forward their guesses about the winners of the FIFA crown. Some of the suspects remain the same, but you never know who might take the lead at the last moment. Therefore, nothing is sure shot as of now. Everything depends on the teams’ performance and how well the expert lottery players analyze the game and place their bets. After all, placing the bets on FIFA is not a piece of cake!

Usual Favourites for World Cup 2022 Win

There is no single favourite for the FIFA World Cup 2022, no matter what! There are usual favourites always a part of the highest bets such as Brazil, France, Germany, Argentina and Spain. These are the perennial challengers who are the biggest attraction of all the games in the tournament. Since France is the reigning champion, the triumphant players of 2018, including Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe, will be the tournament’s highlights with 7/1 bets. Les Bleus is also being considered to hit the most favourite mark in the upcoming season. The next in line in Brazil, hoping to hit the winning spot for the past 20 years, now seems to be reaching near their primary goal. Neymar is also the centre of attention of the punters. The odds of winning the World Cup for Brazil are pretty high this time.

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The remarkable players like Richarlison, Alisson and Philippe Coutinho, Gabriel Martinelli and Vinicius Jr. might be the new favourites for the upcoming tournament. They seem to be ready to entertain the enormous fame and manage the newfound success and limelight. The European high profile countries, namely Spain and Germany, have a chance of 8/1 bets in winning the World Cup 2022. They, being the champions of 2014, have failed miserably in 2018, which they are surely not going to repeat in the future, so their chances of winning are pretty high. The same goes for Spain, who will try all means to revive their long lost position. There is a high possibility that Sergio Ramos will bring back the Football fans and give them a good show.

Outside bets for World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is probably the last chance for Lionel Messi to secure the winning title, but they might have a close call with Argentina, who has a 10/1 odds of winning the World Cup. The Albiceleste, like other powerhouses, struggled a lot in the last FIFA World Cup to come to the top but couldn’t do much to save themselves. However, with newcomers like Paulo Dybala, Lautaro Martinez and Giovani Lo Celso, the game is believed to have a twist that might surprise everyone!


Belgium is one of the outsiders with a 10/1 betting odds since they ended the tournament by being at 3rd place. The Red Devils, Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne are considered to bring a chance in the Belgium game in Belgium, but it all depends on how the game progresses. England lost 3rd place to Belgium in the last World Cup, so it will strive hard to be on top this time. The odds of winning the game for England are 10/1, with numerous stars shining in the glory. England’s openings include Raheem Sterling, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Jadon Sancho, Harry Kane, and Phil Foden, all set to come through the game. Denmark and Netherlands, despite their failing performance, are expected to rise once again in 2022 with 14/1 betting odds.

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Next comes Portugal, who has been the winner of the European Championship 2016 has 16/1 winning odds in the FIFA World Cup 2022. Apart from Cristiano Ronaldo – the most famous player in football history, there are many new talents in the Portuguese team such as Trincao and Joao Felix. As far as Italy is concerned, the winning odds are 20/1, which seems to be a long shot for them!


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