On holiday and away from Scotland

On holiday and away from Scotland

Production on 1st June foreign He confirmed through his social networks that the shooting of the sixth season is coming to an end. After a year full of ups and downs and with a staggered schedule due to the coronavirus pandemic, the entire cast is immersed in recording new chapters that, as announced, will not arrive until next year.

However, despite fans’ wishes, Matthew B. Roberts and his team also made it clear that, as they would produce the sixth season in 2022, it would only happen if the cast returned to film the seventh season already. Confirmed. So much so that at present, the artist of foreign They are enjoying the holidays.

In fact, one of those artists who took a very literal break and left themselves in the middle of Scotland, is Sam Hughana. The interpreter of the strip’s protagonist Jamie Fraser, He decided to travel to Mexico in search of the beaches of the Caribbean and the destinations he chose, he shared with his followers on the network, who went crazy seeing him with the distinctive Mexican look.

Except for the traditional Scottish cloak he wears for half a year, Sam Hughana Published two postcards in which he is seen enjoying his free time. However, in the same pictures, the actor gave hints about new work that would interest him and, it is neither less nor less than whiskey.

First photo of Sam Heughan in Mexico.

Hugan, thank you foreign The increase in tourism in Scotland also fueled a love for whiskey and, as a result, created its own brand: Sassenach. spirits from. And, apparently, so he went to Mexico where Explores the fanaticism of this country’s natives for tequila. « The special places Sassenach Spirits takes you and the unique people you meet are just amazing.The actor wrote in a picture.

Sam Heughan may open up for Tequila.

Sam Heughan may open up for Tequila.

Then, in the second picture he commented: “Wonderful day with good friends. Together for Tequila and MotorcyclesWith this, he has not only made it clear that he is having a great time, but has also opened doors for him. Possible arrival of tequila in your country through your brand.

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