Pads and tampons free to start the week in Scotland

Case numbers rise sharply in Scotland

Period items will be available free of charge in Scotland from tomorrow, nearly two years after a world-leading political decision. “Free access” is fundamental to equality and dignity, Scottish Social Justice Minister Shona Robison said in a statement today.

At the beginning of the week the city administration and educational institutions are mandated to provide hygiene materials to all who need them. In November 2020, the Scottish Regional Parliament voted unanimously in favor of free access to the products in public buildings. Secretary Robinson said, “We are proud to be the first national government to take such a step.”

The fight against “term poverty”

Scotland is at the forefront of the fight against ‘period poverty’. Pads and tampons are already being provided free of cost to schoolgirls and students. In some countries (including Great Britain, France, Germany) VAT on menstrual products has been reduced.

Also in Austria, the sales tax on menstrual products has now been halved – as set out in the government program of the OVP and the Greens. Since January last year, only 10 per cent tax has been paid on tampons and sanitary towels.

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