Period Poverty: Scotland Makes Tampons and Pads Free for Women – Panorama

Period Poverty: Scotland Makes Tampons and Pads Free for Women - Panorama

Tampons (in the photo) and other menstrual products should soon be free in Scotland. (Symbol image) Photo: dpa / Sebastian Kahrt

The Scottish Parliament unanimously approved a law that would make menstrual products available free of charge to all women. The country wants to play a leading role.

LONDON – Scotland will provide menstruation such as tampons and sanitary towels free of cost to all women in the future and is thus assuming a global leading role. The MEP in the Scottish Parliament unanimously voted zero from 121 late Tuesday night that all local authorities should provide free access to such products.

MEP Monica Lennon of the opposition Labor Party said the law is practical and progressive, campaigning against so-called period poverty since 2016 and presenting the draft. “Periods do not stop due to epidemics, and working to improve access to essential tampons, pads and reusable products has never been more important.”

Help against “period poverty”

Local government secretary Ellen Campbell praised the adoption of the bill as “an important moment for gender equality”.

Rose Caldwell of the UK children’s aid organization Plan International said the legislation could soon make Scotland the first country in the world to eradicate “period poverty” once and for all. “The need is no longer that families are under financial pressure due to coronovirus restrictions.” A 2017 survey by the aid agency found that 10 per cent of girls and young women aged 14–21 in the UK do not buy menstrual products and 15 per cent had financial problems to afford them.

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