Politician Angus Robertson takes oath of office for queen in German

Politician Angus Robertson takes oath of office for queen in German

After the Scottish ruling party politician Angus Robertson, he had administered the oath of office to the Queen in English, speaking it for the second time – in German.

A newly elected MP has taken the oath of office – in German – in the Scottish Parliament. The politician SNP of the ruling party SNP on Thursday pledged to Angus Robertson to be sincere and sincere and loyal to his Excellency, Queen Elizabeth, his heirs and heirs. Edinburgh. According to several media reports, he dropped an unmistakable Viennese dialect. Robertson was first sworn in in English. The MP speaks fluent German because his mother is from Germany.

Robertson won the electoral district of Edinburgh Central in the Scottish capital as a direct candidate in a vote on 6 May. Prior to this, he was the leader of the parliamentary group for the Scottish National Party (SNP) in the UK Parliament and BBC correspondent. A particularly large number of people live in Edinburgh Central to meCitizens living in Scotland Have the right to vote. The SNP advocates independence from the United Kingdom and a return to the European Union. It received the highest number of votes so far in the election, but missed out on an absolute majority.

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