PR: Alba-Collection Verlag Updates “Scotlands Distilleries” and Brings New “Whisk(E)Yutlas North America”.

PR: Alba-Collection Verlag Updates

Following the announcement of the hardcover edition of “Whiskey Cycle – A Bicycle Tour Through Scotland”, we Here Reported, there are two more news alba-collection verlag Report to: Popular Overview Map”distilleries of scotland“An update has been published in the new version – and”Whisk(E)Yutlas North America“.

More about both new releases here:

Map “Distilleries of Scotland” in 42 x 60 cm and 70 x 100 cm format in an updated version

At the start of the year, our “Distilleries of Scotland” cards appear as an updated version in 42 x 60 cm (medium) and 70 x 100 cm (large) formats. Despite the pandemic, the building boom at Scottish whiskey distilleries seems unchanged and strong, leading to a number of changes to new versions.

The manual included in the premium version has also been updated. Meanwhile the 36-page booklet has evolved into a booklet/travel guide for whiskey travelers. Distilleries are classified according to whiskey regions and divided into active and closed distilleries.

Now maps of whiskey regions with distilleries are also included. In addition to important facts about distilleries, the reader also receives a postal code for their navigation device and information about which distilleries offer a visitor center or which distilleries require pre-registration.

The card and booklet include 148 active whiskey distilleries, 30 new construction projects and several closed distilleries.

Card information:

“Distilleries of Scotland” (Medium)

  • Format: 42 x 60 cm
  • poster rolled in tube

– ISBN 978-3-944148-16-8 (Standard Edition); VK: 10,95 €

– ISBN 978-3-944148-00-7 (Premium Edition); VK: 17,95 €

(including 36-page booklet and poster clamping rail)

  • Available in whiskey shops and bookstores or directly from the publisher
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“Distilleries of Scotland” (large)

  • Format: 70 x 100 cm
  • poster rolled in tube

– ISBN 978-3-944148-67-0 (Standard Edition); VK: 17,95 €

– ISBN 978-3-944148-66-3 (Premium Edition); VK: 25,95 €

(including 36-page booklet and poster clamping rail)

  • Available in whiskey shops and bookstores or directly from the publisher

New release: “Whisk(e)y Atlas North America”

“Whisk(E)Y Atlas North America” ​​is the logical consequence, taking into account the rapid development of American Whisk(E)Y in recent years. Especially since it is no longer possible to sensibly put the number of American whiskey distilleries on the map.

While there were still a manageable 300 distilleries in the United States in 2013, their number jumped to over 800 in 2016 and in 2020 we know of more than 1,750 American whiskey distilleries.

Growth is similar in Canada, where the number has increased from about 60 in 2016 to 143 in 2020.

And who would think of the 8 active whiskey distilleries in Mexico?

The atlas lists over 1900 North American whisk(e)y distilleries with addresses and web addresses and is shown in 30 regional maps.

“Whisk(E)Y Atlas North America” ​​is definitely the ideal tool and companion for friends and those interested in American Whiskey(E)Y to be able to orientate themselves in today’s world. Is.

Information on Whisk(E) and Atlas North America”

  • hardcover, fandungheft
  • 100 pages
  • language English
  • 30 regional cards
  • 5 overview map
  • Over 2000 Distillery Entries:
· 1757 Whiskey Distilleries in the United States
· 215 Closed furnaces in the United States
· 143 whiskey distilleries in canada
· 21 closed furnaces in canada
· 8 Whiskey Distillerian in Mexico
· 2 Whiskey distilleries closed in Mexico
  • Release date: February 1, 2021
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– ISBN 978-3-944148-88-5

– VK 35 €

  • Available in whiskey shops and bookstores or directly from the publisher


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