Press Center: And now, Scotland!

Press Center: And now, Scotland!

After being denied the Welsh (32-30) of their Grand Slam, the Blues will have to win comprehensively against Scotland on Friday to win the title.

The Blues can still dream of the title! After overthrowing the Welsh Dragon (32–30) at the end of the breathtaking end of the match, France’s XV should rotate the Scottish Celt on Friday to hope to win the tournament. It won’t be easy, but Lost cause hunter, As Galthi tells his players, he never lived up to his name.
If they are still alive, he gave his back an examination of Bryce Dualin in the first 82 minutes, deprived the Welsh of a new Grand Slam. Dominating, 14 and ten points lower than the end but suddenly Adventures According to their captain Charles Olivan, the Blues live A blast of joyAccording to Arthur Vincent, when Dulin tries to win.

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Immense bliss… bliss. I am away from happiness. This is a pool of happiness, Galti, who was left with no choice in front of the character represented by her blues.
But now we have to think about Scotland, wins and scores (a lot). To win the twenty-sixth tournament in their history, and the first since 2010, France must win with an offensive bonus and register 21 points more than their opponent of the day.
Such a move in favor of the French against Scotland has occurred eight times in the competition, including a 46–19 success in 2007 and a six-run try. At the time, Bernard Laporte’s Blues won the tournament in England (26–18), losing only one match, and winning the crown extensively in the final match.
Bis repetition? Fabian Galthey and his people probably wouldn’t spit on him. Shikhar, I hope it will be next week, Center Gal Fikau admitted on Saturday. We watched the game of scotland (52–10 against Italy): This is a very good team, which has been playing well for many years. We know that this is going to be a complicated match, which we have to win for points, Analysis of the French Defense Captain. We will focus on winning and then see, He adds cautiously.
After the English finally agreed to release their Scottish international, there would be a real protest at the Stade de France on Friday. In terms of success, Finn Russell and Stuart Hogg’s teammates can actually aim for second place, which would be their best ranking since the 1999 coronation.
The French side, Matthew Jalibert, announced on Sunday that he would not be able to play the match after being ruled out for the match against Payday de Galles. The starting half was replaced by Luis Carbonell.
For the Blues, England’s Dolphins last year, it’s an honor: L‘The team believed in its canvas, in its fate, its ability to uproot the mountain, Congratulations to Galti. With this XV of France, unable to deliver, nothing is impossible.

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