Queen Elizabeth and Prince William enjoy time

Queen Elizabeth and Prince William enjoy time

On Monday, Prince William (39) was in Scotland with Queen Elizabeth II (95). It is currently Royal Week, also known as Holyrood Week. During this, the Queen comes to Scotland and stays at Holyrood Palace. She is accompanied by her grandson Prince William. After several headlines and crises in the royal family, Queen Elizabeth and Prince William have been able to anticipate a somewhat ideal world during their journey so far.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince William visit a factory and Holyrood Palace

Prince William and Queen Elizabeth II had the opportunity to visit the factory where one of Scotland’s most popular drinks is produced. The royals were given a special tour during which they could talk to factory workers and get a closer look at the drinks produced there.

Queen Elizabeth II also visited Holyrood Palace for a special event after her visit. As in “Hello!” Mentioned, the palace is the Scottish home of the monarch and she accompanied Prince William there for important ceremonies. Shortly after the Emperor’s arrival, the Lord Provost symbolically presented the Queen with the keys to the city of Edinburgh in the palace courtyard.

Prince Williams’ visit with his grandmother takes a month He and Duchess Kate (39) were traveling in Scotland. Prince Charles, 72, will also be in Scotland this week and, unlike his eldest son, will miss the unveiling of a Diana statue on July 1.


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