Queen Elizabeth and Prince William in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth and Prince William in Scotland

Cumbernauld (AP) – Prince William began his royal visit to Scotland with a glass of the popular soft drink Irene Brew. “You can taste the steel girders,” said the 39-year-old smiling at producer AG Barr’s premises in Cumbernauld on Monday – a nod to the advertising slogan “Made in Scotland from steel girders”.

William was accompanied by his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II (95), who is in Scotland for Holyrood Week. Emperor inaugurated a new production facility, but he did without a sip of the caffeinated beverage.

Irn Bru (German: Eisen-Gebräu) is considered the “second national drink” of Scots – after whiskey. The drink tasted “excellent”, William said. He sniffed the glass for a long time. “I’m trying to guess what’s inside, but it’s difficult,” he said. The drink has been made for nearly 120 years, and the recipe is said to be known by only three people. “I want to tell you,” said manager Colin Reilly to the prince, who replied, “it’s a well-kept secret.”

The Queen will remain in Scotland until Thursday (July 1). He will be accompanied by his daughter Princess Anne (70) on Wednesday and Thursday.

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