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IFor the first time since her platinum anniversary, Queen Elizabeth II Shown publicly at an appointment. Britain’s Queen, dressed in a powder blue suit, smiles as she welcomes him to the Keys ceremony in the Scottish capital Edinburgh on Monday.

The emperor was symbolically given the keys to the city, which he then handed over to elected officials for safekeeping. The 96-year-old traditionally spends some time in the summer Scotland where he has two residences at Balmoral Castle in the Highlands and Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh.

The Queen was accompanied by her youngest son Prince Edward and his wife Countess Sophie at the reception. heir to the throne prince charles And daughter Princess Anne is expected to attend various events in Scotland soon. The second eldest son of Queen Prince Andrew will go missing. He had largely withdrawn from public life years ago due to his involvement in the sexual abuse scandal.

In early June, the Queen made three appearances on the balcony of her London residence, Buckingham Palace, during the celebration of her 70th birthday. Hundreds of thousands cheered the Queen, who was impressed by the reception. The head of state has been suffering from mobility problems for months and has therefore repeatedly canceled official appointments. For their anniversary, Elizabeth promised that she would continue to serve the country, “supported by my family”.

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