Radio WEEK starts for Scotland via new radio station DAB

 Radio WEEK starts for Scotland via new radio station DAB

Dundee newspaper publisher DC Thomson on Wednesday launched Pure Radio Scotland, the long-announced new radio station for Scotland. Smart radio is broadcast from Glasgow city studios and can be heard on the DAB network for Central Scotland and on networks in Great Britain, via smart speakers and through an app.

In 2017 the media company took on local FM station Wave 102 in Dundee, followed by Murali by Kingdom FM in April of the same year and 106 in Aberdeen in the original. Many presenters are now hired for Pure Radio, a concept that provides for a music station featuring personalities. The most prominent newcomer is Robin Galloway, known in Scotland for his joke call (“king of the air”). amongst other things He was already making fun of Donald Trump. He handles the morning show at the new station and is also its program manager.

A breath of fresh air for the Scottish radio scene
Pure Radio sees itself as a radio created by Scots for Scots. That is why Scottish artists and bands such as Simple Minds or Eurythmics will have a permanent place in the playlist. Instead of the standard news block on the hour, the station plans talks on current topics. But only if there are truly relevant events, otherwise the motto: No news is good news.

“Scottish radio will have to undergo open heart surgery or it will have its final unity in the coming years. I will revive it. Do you remember that radio was still fun? It was risky, angular, gruesome and surprised the audience. It was sterilized. When was the last time you heard something that you said, ‘Did he really just say that …’? You have not done this for a long time because the situation is no longer there. But that’s how it will happen again on pure radio, “announced Robin Galloway.

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