Rename Pure Radio Scotland Pure Radio Italy

Rename Pure Radio Scotland Pure Radio Italy

Pure Radio Scotland changed its hall logo to Italy’s red, white and green ahead of England’s Euro 2020 final on Sunday.

The DC Thompson Ensemble Center changed its motto to The Best Music in Italy and translated the jingles and voices into Italian and replaced Black Box and Dean Martin with artists such as The Proglimer and Amy McDonald.

Pure Radio Community and the DAB scrolling text has been changed to show Pure Radio Italy.

Robin Galloway, host of Pure Radio Breakfast and president of DC Thomson Group Presentation, explained to Radiotod: “We distributed Danish pastries at workplaces before the match in Denmark, which was great with our audience, but the morning after the game, the audience was on top. The TV bombed, I thought, let’s change the name of the station and we all go in Italian.

“Our section also has lasagna fried in focaccia on Deep Friday. Sure, you might think it’s Scotland’s bittersweet, you’re absolutely right. We hope football reaches Rome.”

It’s easy to put travel news on your radio station, starting at £25 per month for online stations. Eye details and set the same day.

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