Return to total participation in England and Scotland

Return to total participation in England and Scotland

Boris Johnson is expected to make announcements on Monday night – Stephen Russo / AP / Sipa

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Total Recombinant announced on television this Monday evening
England Cases faced with the boom
CoronavirusEspecially for the new version.

This new imprisonment, as strict as it is set to be in the spring, provides for schools to close and will have to be closed by mid-February, if announced in a television address.

He warned on Monday afternoon that he would make important announcements, while many members of the government were pushing for this option.

Scotland limited for one month

Scotland, He did not wait tonight to announce a new imprisonment on Monday. The country’s Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced this afternoon that the British nation would once again enter a contamination in 2020, “similar to March”, to control the increase in contamination as a new coronavirus.

“From midnight and for all of January, you’ll be legally required to stay home,” the leader announced at a press conference, citing a “setback” due to “variants of the virus that spread quickly” Huh. .

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