Rexam Mum dies after being strangled by dog ​​in ‘tragic accident’

Rexam Mum dies after being strangled by dog ​​in 'tragic accident'

Rexamum-Four-Four was strangled to death by a pair of dog leashes in a tragic accident.

A re-investigation into the death of vanhouse worker Deborah Roberts, who was found lying face down in a meadow earlier this summer with a dog on her neck, was reopened at Hall Hall in Denbighshire.

On July 8, Deborah’s niece set off an alarm with two nearby workers about the situation, said David Pojor, assistant coroner for North Wales East and Central.

Mrs. Roberts, who lived on Fudford Mon in Rusdu, ran into two Staffordshire Bull Terriers and a walking King on Southleh Drive, which then began to pull them.

The inquest was told how she was suffering from Huntington’s disease, a condition that caused her mobility to stabilize, and possibly what her journey had seen.

It is believed that Mrs. Roberts fell down while walking and the dogs – Tyson and Ruby – and M.S. One of the workers trying to rescue Roberts thought the dog was trying to bring his owner up after the fall, not knowing he was. Squeezing his throat in the process.

Coroner says that, despite his best efforts, Paramedics M.S.

Participating in the interrogation was her son Culum, who said the dogs were “loving and caring” for the family’s pets.

The second son, Robert, said they were “cute dogs” who were just “very scared”.

By Mr. Roberts – She lived lifeless in a grassy area, the governor agreed after a statement from staff who came to help remember how the dogs in control were calling the dogs howling.

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The rope was made of rope, the coroner said, which would lead to a rope. It was said that Ms. Roberts usually put a lead on her head as the animals walked to save the debris from “flapping”.

The son’s statement given at the interrogation said the dog has no history of restraint.

It was ruled that Mrs. Roberts’ death was due to suffocation and the coroner pronounced the death sentence accidental, calling the incident a tragic accident.


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