Robbie Williams announced that he was forming a new band

Robbie Williams announced that he was forming a new band

Robbie Williams Has announced that it is forming a new band – but will not include any of its ex Take it Bandmates.

Prior to his famous departure in 1995, as a successful part of the British boy band, which began its career in 1990, the pop star has now revealed that he is preparing to form a new group.

Williams, who has teamed up with Australian songwriters, said the name group has already worked on a few songs that he plans to release soon.

During a recent Instagram live, he explained: “Little projects that I have continued with some of my friends, Flynn Francis and Tim Metcalfe. We’re making everyone a band. ”

“I’ve found songs that don’t come under the name of Robbie Williams,” he added.

Williams said the band’s performances will not always be in the traditional format, and said he hopes to hold raves at those venues while showcasing the artistic artists he has produced in the lockdown during the day.

Williams first took that tech in 1995. Credit: David M. Bennett / Dave Bennett / Getty Images

“I will do this with my friends. Make a band and all I will do is rent a space, put my art there. It will be a gallery during the day, ”he explained. “Then at night I’ll be digging and it’s going to be a musical place, something old guys would say rev.”

He added that before he made the list of a few places, he was “very, very excited” about what he hopes to present. “I want to do it in Berlin. I want to do it in Tokyo too, ”he said. “It simply came to our notice then. Have fun or not? ”

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Earlier this year, Williams joined TechToin for a once-closed virtual charity show.

Joined forces with the singer Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald for the downdown show. It was to raise funds for the music therapy charity Nordof Robbins and Crew Nation, which are helping to support the concert crew during the coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, Robbie Williams has said he doubts he will land at number two singles during his career.

The singer, who is promoting his new festival song ‘Kent Stop Christmas’, said he doesn’t think he’s a Christmas number one – or a contender for any future entry.


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